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We've curated a list of our go-to resource books for augmenting your career in veterinary medicine.

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Think of this as your 30-second elevator pitch. What makes you memorable? Need more help curating this? Watch the pitch.


How do you like to live your life, what three values drive that internal compass? You need some of these matched by your workplace.

What do you enjoy that you are good at? What do you people come to you for advice or support for? Download our CV Menu Builder to get you thinking outside the box!

Are you wanting to work around school pick up? Do appreciate team debriefs and handovers? What about rotas that would work for you? Do you like decision-making together or are you happy sole charge and working autonomously?
Share your experience from your time in practice to roles and responsibilities that you have had
What type of team player are you? If people were to describe you in three words what would they be (great exercise to do with friends and peers)

These are things that must be in place in order for you to consider a role. Location or working hours are common features here.

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