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Our communities were founded to bring together veterinary professionals to discuss and learn from one another, and to see the possibilities and opportunities in the veterinary profession.  

VSGD communities were founded because we believe in fostering a sense of belonging and community to help as many veterinary professionals as possible to build long and satisfying careers.

Ask questions, get inspired by people who have created amazing career paths and served animals, people, and the environment in incredible ways.  

One things we know for sure: there’s a million ways to use your veterinary credentials.  Let’s explore your potential together.

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This is the flagship group for the UK.  Open to veterinarians, vet nurses, students, and human medics.

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Originally founded as the DVM Project, this group is open to all veterinary professionals; veterinarians, technicians, and students.

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This group is for veterinary professionals in Australia and New Zealand, and Australasia.  Open to veterinarians, vet nurses, and students.

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Are you looking for a job, casually or actively?  Join this group to be invited to live events related to positions, landing a job, and see job postings.  Open to all veterinary professionals globally.

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How To Believe In That Little Idea You Have

Will you believe in yourself?  Will you say your idea out loud?

When I started writing about non-clinical careers in vet med, it was an idea I kept quiet in my head for a LONG time.  To be honest, I was so shy about the idea, about standing out or being a tall poppy that for a long time I just researched it, getting deep into articles about how to build a website and blog.  Imagine if I had never done anything?  I’d have missed out on a lot of cool things.

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How To Make Change Easier On Yourself

Why is change so hard to make happen?

I remember how “easy” it was for me to set my mind to applying o vet school.  It was arduous, and hard to study that much, but I did it with relative ease.  As one of the co-captains of my household, I want to re-distribute chores with my kids, and I’ll be honest, the task seems as hard as hiking the Himalayas in high heels.

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When Something’s Got To Change

As a mom, professional, and CEO, I’ve felt like I was on the edge of managing way too much many times.  Life can be overwhelming, and I know I’m not alone. At those times, I’ve made changes.  Big ones. 

Changed jobs.  Got help.  Been blunt.

If this has ever been you, or if you’re at that breaking point where you feel stuck and unable to continue,  riding a wobbly bicycle on the edge of “this is way too much”…. Stop your scroll.  

Come back to me.  

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