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It’s not easy to find good career advice that’s specific to the veterinary profession. Lots of materials are geared towards large corporate businesses, cubicle dwellers, or the general public.

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London Vet Show was super busy, so we’re offering you the same career development downloads we offered the folks that attended. Download Now!

So you are going to attend an in-person conference. Your excitement builds until you remember—you're an introvert. Mingling with strangers. Attending countless lectures. Engaging in small talk. These make you reconsider your decision already. But fret not, my introverted friend. You can reap the rewards of a conference without burning yourself out.

Career tip Networking is critical and 90% of people on LinkedIn agreed, even though 40% find networking awkward… find out …

Will you believe in yourself?  Will you say your idea out loud? When I started writing about non-clinical careers in vet med, it was an idea I kept quiet in my head for a LONG time.  To be honest, I was so shy about the idea, about standing out or being a tall poppy that for a long time I just researched it, getting deep into articles about how to build a website and blog.  Imagine if I had never done anything?  I'd have missed out on a lot of cool things.

Why is change so hard to make happen? I remember how "easy" it was for me to set my mind to applying o vet school.  It was arduous, and hard to study that much, but I did it with relative ease.  As one of the co-captains of my household, I want to re-distribute chores with my kids, and I'll be honest, the task seems as hard as hiking the Himalayas in high heels.

As a mom, professional, and CEO, I've felt like I was on the edge of managing way too much many times.  Life can be overwhelming, and I know I'm not alone. At those times, I've made changes.  Big ones.  Changed jobs.  Got help.  Been blunt. If this has ever been you, or if you're at that breaking point where you feel stuck and unable to continue,  riding a wobbly bicycle on the edge of "this is way too much".... Stop your scroll.   Come back to me.  

Career tip If you feel like you’re out to sea, flailing about, you’re not alone. Here’s what to do! Read …

Career tip And return refreshed, energized, and ready to go. Seriously. Even with kids! Read Time/Watch Time 5 minutes Who …

Are you supporting your team with positive interactions? Here's how to use micro-validations to increase resilience, team cohesion, and improve your work life satisfaction

Are you feeling a bit anxious about the future of your career? Wondering whether to stay in the veterinary profession or seek a new path and not sure where to start? This page will give you some great tips on how to start untangling the worries and what-ifs, so you can focus more on moving in the direction that is right for you.

Think piece Being you is exactly what veterinary medicine needs. What if you could show up authentically? What opportunities would …

Think piece Read about recent change makers and their stories, and thoughts about how change happens whether you’re an employer, …

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