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It’s not easy to find good career advice that’s specific to the veterinary profession. Lots of materials are geared towards large corporate businesses, cubicle dwellers, or the general public.

That’s why we’ve got think pieces, career tips, and advice ranging from practical to blue sky. Get on the right track and check out our latest posts below.

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Our latest posts

If you squirm at the idea of negotiating, and would rather hide under a rock than talk about salary, you’re not alone! Here are five things you can incorporate now into any upcoming negotiation.

Negotiating doesn’t come easy to anyone. Most people anticipate that negotiation equates to conflict. However, negotiation is really all about communicating your needs.

Interviews are intense at the best of times. Is an online interview better or worse than in-person? How do you navigate it? Better yet, how do you ace it?

If you’re preparing for a job interview, you might feel nervous and worried, or a bit rusty, depending on your last interview. Here are a few tips to help calm your nerves.

Have you ever learned that a colleague is making more money than you for doing the same work, or with equal or less seniority/credentials?

I loved learning about boundaries. For many years, I had very few, and it meant the things I cared about got run over a lot. I can’t really blame anyone else; how could they know I had a boundary if I never asked for it to be respected?

Here's an easy, actionable idea that will help you make better decisions for career growth or any part of your life: ensure you have spent time doing some kind of hobby or past-time that uses your brain in a way your work doesn't.

My daughter’s school has different views of failure, discomfort, and change/growth than I was taught at the same age. They celebrate change as growth, examine failures objectively, and view discomfort as a part of resilience.

“So what else is there, besides clinical practice? Isn’t it all, like, boring desk jobs?” I’m glad you asked; you might be surprised! Here’s a starter list of some of the top ways vets are applying their degrees outside of clinical practice.

“Well, I was just a small animal vet? Why would they hire me?” This may come as a surprise to you, but simply having worked in private practice and having a veterinary qualification provides you with a wealth of abilities- these are aptly named transferrable skills. Thinking of these skills in advance allows you to be perfectly poised to be in just the right place at just the right time.

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So you are going to attend an in-person conference. Your excitement builds until you remember—you're an introvert. Mingling with strangers. Attending countless lectures. Engaging in small talk. These make you reconsider your decision already. But fret not, my introverted friend. You can reap the rewards of a conference without burning yourself out.

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