Dr. Melanie Barham


VSGD CEO Melanie Barham

About Melanie

Dr. Melanie Barham is the creator of VSGD’s course “The Successful Negotiator”.  She’s lectured to audiences all over the world about making negotiation less scary and more effective.  

She is an experienced business professional who has helped over 100 veterinary professionals land their ideal roles since she started offering resume review in 2018.  Melanie has held senior roles in multiple organizations, and is a director at Vets, Stay, Go, Diversify.

Melanie holds an MBA in Sustainable Commerce, and a Project Management Professional designation in addition to her veterinary degree.  She has worked in multiple non-clinical fields, taught at the university level, and supported businesses and social enterprises.  Melanie also completed a major research project on veterinary career paths and has successfully coached many veterinary professionals to make their next career move since 2017. 

Recognized as a thought leader, Melanie frequently speaks on the topics of veterinary careers, negotiation and all things veterinary business.  

“Don’t miss the opportunity to ask for what you want and need, and to use negotiation as a way to build a relationship.  It doesn’t HAVE to be scary, or filled with conflict.”

“I was a terrible negotiator- like most people.  After researching, trial and error, and formal training, I got better. I started teaching about negotiation when I realized how few people knew how to negotiate. Confidently negotiating is a way to open so many more doors in life, not just on your pay cheque!”

Time Zone/Location

North America/ EST Supporting professionals globally

Areas of Expertise

Negotiation, non-clinical veterinary roles, alternative career paths, industry roles, not-for-profit and charity roles, leadership and executive roles.

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In your private meeting with the negotiation prep coach, you’ll review areas you want to work on, run through practice answers and get feedback and coaching.  

After your session, your negotiation coach will send you notes and recommendations to work on.

The investment

Interview prep coaching session

$200 USD/150 GBP

Available globally.