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Most Frequent questions- Candidates/Job Seekers

When you make a profile with us, only employers who have active job ads with us can see your profile.  

You can choose whether potential employers can see your profile or not.  You can change this preference at any time in your profile dashboard.  

If you choose to keep your profile private, employers will not be able to see your profile.  

You’ll still be able to search for jobs and apply, but you may miss out on employers who are looking for your unique skills and background.

Only employers who purchase a package with us can see candidate profiles, so your profile will never be visible publicly.

Search jobs on our page here.  Set the parameters of your ideal job, and enter your email and choose the frequency of alert (daily, weekly, monthly).  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

On your dashboard when you login, you can also edit these job alerts if you find they are too frequent, or not frequent enough.

If you se an amazing opportunity, you can:

  • Email the employer directly on the job listing or company page
  • Check out their team members, and message one of them directly.  (i.e., maybe you notice Dr. Sarah, who is the medical director is a team member, and you’d rather ask her a question directly related to the job schedule.). Log into your candidate profile to see this and message team members.
  • Many employers set up a Zoom/virtual meeting booking opportunity, so you can ask questions quickly without delay.  Sign in to your candidate dashboard to set up a meeting through the company profile or job posting.

An Interview the Boss (or ITB), is a live video event where we interview an employer, their career path, and their workplace and positions.  This is the BEST way to get to know what it might actually be like to work together, and learn all kinds of little nuggets of info about the organization.  If you join us live, you can also ask your questions privately or in a small intimate setting.  

Companies who have done an ITB have the recording right in their company profile and job listing.  You can register for upcoming events by visiting the upcoming events page.

Check out upcoming events here.

Well, we’re so glad you asked.  It couldn’t be easier!  If you have an updated resume/CV, you can save it to your profile.  Remember that you can set whether potential employers with active jobs with us can see your profile or not!  

If you see a job you like and you’ve uploaded your resume, you can simply click “apply” and boom, done.  

You can also upload your documents directly to the employer through your candidate dashboard.

If you need a helping hand with your resume/cover letter, we can help.  Our qualified veterinary resume team can help you tell your career story to catch the eye of that perfect job.  

Visit Resume/CV Services now.

Never fear, this isn’t as annoying as online dating.  Be sure to fill in your candidate profile and fill in all your parameters.  We know these are the top things employers want to see when they come to our site to look for great people to fill a role.  

Something on the site is better than nothing, so don’t let perfect be the enemy of good!  

If you need help, check our our reverse recruitment page for advice on how to craft a great profile.  

If you have no idea where to go next with your career, check out career coaching options.

Your profile is meant to showcase you to employers, and show your unique skillsets and assets.  Visit our reverse recruitment page to learn how to share who you are succinctly and in a way that stands out to the right employers.

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