Vets Stay Go Diversify x London Vet Show Trail

Exploring Potential Together with the Purrfect Partnership to Help Navigate Your Squiggly Career

Posted: 14/08/2023


ExCel, London


16 - 17 November 2023


Ebony Escalona
YOU the community!

Let's hang out in November, IN PERSON! 16-17th November at the Excel London.

London Vet Show and Vets Stay Go Diversify have teamed up to create a host of curated community connections and career development content. Whether you’re coming alone or with a group, we’ve got you covered! If you’re attending solo, fret not! We are here to help you find your career mentors, conference buddies, and future employers. Our experience is designed to foster meaningful connections, enabling you to expand your professional network, discover exciting opportunities and build on the brilliance of you! LVS have kindly given us an array of ticket options (see below).

Help us co-create the trail!

What career connections would you like to develop? Our community mastermind will centre on helping VSGD to co-create “how to transition into X career” guides. Join career pioneers in various fields and quiz them on their path and their top tips for transitioning.

So, what type of careers would you like support in transitioning into?

We will ensure the top 6 are featured in the mastermind! Send us an email to and let us know! Then why not continue the conversations and connections at our exhibit floor career networking session, where plenty have found jobs and mentors!


  • Full Conference Pass is £379 + VAT until the 29th September, use code VSGD
  • Can only come for one day? No worries! Use code VSGD1 for £229 + VAT
  • Exhibition only ticket: get a day pass to where the magic often happens… on the show floor! Learnings are not always in the lectures! Connect with organisations, pick up those free pens, join our networking session and find a conference buddy too! Use code VSGDE for £99 + VAT
  • Are you a student? Use the code VSGDS and for £79 + VAT you can join the two days. You can usually get this counted as EMS too! If you want to help show out and do a bit of work for a chance to get a free spot then hit reply and we can forward your details on to the organising committee. A great thing to add to your CV!

Use your codes here

We have three aims to support your career through connection, inspiration and support. Here is just a flavour of our curation across the two day and we have HEAPS of virtual career Q & As and free workshops scheduled in the run up too, so you can join from anywhere in the world!

Which speakers would you like to hear a career Q & A from? Email and let us know!

For our global audience that may not be able to make it in person – would you be interested in the recordings? Or drop us a line if you would like VSGD to travel to your local conference and support your career content!

Come on the journey with Vets Stay Go Diversify

I need some career inspiration.

I'm looking for a new job/career path.

I need some career support to work out what's next for me.


We send out regular updates with articles about creating a sustainable career in vet med, along with job opportunities and more. Employers, we’ve got great articles for you too!

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