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Career Q&A with Dr. Christina Tran

Teaching, Telehealth, working from home and hybrid work, being on a board, working in academia, speaking, and founding an organization… this interview with Dr. Christina Tran will be incredibly rich. Christina is a powerhouse, and yet incredibly grounded. Join us to gain insights into how to craft your career to fit your curiosity and strengths.

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Royal Canin Live: Leading Through Imposter Syndrome – Supporting yourself and your team

Even leaders deal with imposter syndrome – both within themselves and within their teams. Let’s focus on how we can employ techniques as leaders, managers, and team members to reduce the effects of imposter syndrome on themselves and those on their team. We’ll discuss techniques to coach and empower others when they’re feeling “imposter-y”, and how you can make changes in any system to support your team.

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Negotiating for Relief Veterinary Professionals

This external lecture with Relief Rover will focus on the skills and strategies relief veterinarians (and everyone) can apply to be successful in negotiating for yourself. We will specifically cover fee negotiations, as well as self-advocacy and communicating the value you bring.

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Vets Stay Go Diversify x London Vet Show Trail

London Vet Show and Vets Stay Go Diversify in partnership with Summit Veterinary Pharmaceuticals have teamed up to create a host of curated community connections and career development content. Whether you’re coming alone or with a group, we’ve got you covered! If you’re attending solo, fret not!

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