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Stay-versify: Putting Preceptors on The Career Map in Education

Join Mike Cathcart, Director of Veterinary Education at Harper & Keele Vet School, & guests for an interactive Preceptor Conceptualization Event and help define this new role in undergrad education

Posted: 10/03/2023


Global, Online (Zoom)


20th March 2023, 19:00 GMT


Mike Cathcart & Guests
Hosted by Ebony Escalona

'What the heck is a preceptor?!' you may be asking...

Imagine if you could co-design your role in education. Imagine having a dedicated veterinary coach during your undergrad years, who provides regular one-to-one professional coaching, personal mentorship, and structured guidance as you navigate the varied landscapes of workplace-based learning and transition into the profession. Sounds great, right?

Harper Keele is building just that with the launch of a new role in veterinary education: the Veterinary Professional Preceptor. Join the Director of Veterinary Education, Mike Cathcart, and guests for an interactive Preceptor Conceptualization Event and help define a new role in undergrad education.

So, what is a Veterinary Professional Preceptor? It is a close developmental relationship between an experienced and knowledgeable individual (the preceptor) and a learner (the preceptee). A period of preceptorship is a concept that is well-established in medical allied health professions to support graduates as they make the transition from student to autonomous professional (Health Education England). We want to extend this construct to the undergraduate stage and place the emphasis on holistic professional development that extends beyond the clinical floor.

Join us Live on 20th March to refine the job role, discuss the benefits and development packages you would like to see, and explore flexible working options. You’ll also learn about what new vet schools are doing to build the vets of the future, and have the opportunity to share your ideas on student enhancement.

Their company profile and job advert will be coming soon so keep an eye out!

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