Stand Out, Attract Talent: Mastering Recruitment in the Veterinary Industry

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Posted: 14/06/2023




May 2023


Adrian Nelson-Pratt

Struggling to break through the noise and stand out as an employer of choice?

…One where people actively seek you out and pick you ahead of the crowd?

Waiting until you need to recruit is a high-risk strategy when it’s a candidate’s market.

Using data taken from the VSGD community of over 20,000 people globally, we’ll show you:

  • The key features of the ideal job advert
  • How you can increase engagement with your recruitment activities
  • How you can build employer ‘brand’ over time
  • How your team become part of your recruiting efforts with minimal effort.


Three Learning outcomes

  • List the top five employment needs of the veterinary audience
  • Identify and design a strategy for using three key networking tools
  • Write a recruitment plan that leverages your whole team

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