Interview the Boss with Stefanie Nickerson – Thornton Animal Clinic

Want to come to work at a place that values supporting their community, and is part of a small town feel while also being up-to-date and modern?

Posted: 11/04/2024


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Stefanie Nickerson
Melanie Barham

Could Thornton Animal Clinic be the right fit for you?

Want to come to work at a place that values supporting their community, and is part of a small town feel while also being up-to-date and modern? 

This practice’s clients are gems who own and love to support local, independent businesses, and value the new services and offerings at Thornton Animal Hospital. How did this come about? How can you be part of this cool place?

Watch back our Interview the Boss with Dr. Stefanie Nickerson, owner of Thornton Animal Hospital. They are seeking a small animal vet for their practice. An interest in equine is possible to cultivate here (but not required) as Dr. Stef is an experienced equine vet who is rapidly expanding the equine side of Thornton. You’ll have the space and support to grow with your interests with a younger, innovative staff, and flexibility to leave work at work and enjoy life!

I grew up in a city about 40 minutes outside of Toronto and since I was 8 have wanted to become a veterinarian (even though as a very young child I was terrified of dogs).

My mom pushed me to get as much experience as I could in the field and because of her I started volunteering at a local small animal clinic when I was 13. I gained as much experience as possible before being accepted to the University of Guelph for my undergraduate degree in animal biology.

While in my first year, I got my first taste of the horse world! I was 19 when I started hot walking for a trainer on the backstretch at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto and by the next year I was coming home on weekends from school to work with a backstretch veterinarian.

I graduated from the University of Guelph in 2008 and in summer of 2009 I was accepted into the University College Dublin School of Veterinary Medicine. I lived in Ireland for 4 years to complete my degree in 2013 and remained an extra year to practice, working at a local clinic and shelter.

Unfortunately, I was finding it difficult to transition into the racing world abroad and I felt like this was my true passion. I had kept in touch with my mentor at Woodbine (I had gone back every chance I had to gain experience) and in 2014 returned home to take a position with my mentor at Woodbine.

I stayed in this position until about 2020 when I felt like I wanted to branch out and try new things and decided to move to a mixed practice. I stayed at a mixed practice for about 2 years and decided I wanted to go back to the racetrack on a part time basis while locuming in small animal medicine.

This all changed however when I found out a local practice in my town, which I moved to about 5 years ago, was for sale. In May of 2023 I purchased Thornton Animal Clinic and have been there ever since working small animal and equine practice.

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