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Interview the Boss with Stefanie Nickerson – Thornton Animal Clinic

Want to come to work at a place that values supporting their community, and is part of a small town feel while also being up-to-date and modern? This practice’s clients are gems who own and love to support local, independent businesses, and value the new services and offerings at Thornton Animal Hospital. How did this come about? How can you be part of this cool place?

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Is change possible in vet med workplaces?

Are you questioning if its even possible to work in a supportive workplace in vet med? Wondering “Maybe it’s me? Maybe it’s just vet med?”

Jenny Guyat and Cat Auden joined us for an interactive talk about what you can do as an individual or team member to thrive in vet med using Human Factors.

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Interview the Team – University of Oxford – Department of Biomedical Services

This one’s for the Vet Nurses out there! If you’re an experienced vet nurse who’s highly competent in anaesthesia and with strong communication skills, then the Technical Training Manager role could be the next career step you’re looking for.

Watch back the conversation Mel had with Ellen, Laura, Andrew and Steven from the Department of Biomedical Sciences. They explored the role and the impact this newly created job could have on the research efforts of the whole University.

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Designing a life that works- entrepreneurship in equine vet med

Is equine practice the most flexible option for a sustainable veterinary career? 
If you’ve ever dreamed of owning or running an equine practice, or want a more sustainable career, this panel is for you!
We are also thrilled to be sponsored by Cassadol, makers of practice management software for solo equine practitioners.  They’re on a mission to make practice management… manageable!

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Interview the Boss with Dr Dana Ness, Fair Isle Animal Clinic

Tired of cranky clients who have a hair trigger on that 1 star review?
Want to work in a community that is accepting, welcoming, and cheers on the clinic when they reduce their on call hours?
We’re not joking, this place does exist, and it’s not in a Hallmark movie! Watch back our Interview the Boss with Dr. Dana Ness to learn more about this clinic in the Pacific Northwest with a culture and community worth moving for.

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