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Something’s got to change! Coaching session with Dr Melanie Barham & Dr Leann Benedetti

If you feel like something has to change in your career, this is the session you want to watch. Join coaches Dr. Leann Benedetti and Dr. Melanie Barham- we talk about how change happens (not by willpower or desire alone!), and walk you through how to take your next career step or re-design your life to get to a sustainable, satisfied space in your career and life. You’ll leave with tools to self-reflect, and determine your first next career step.

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Frame looking out to sea

Reframing Redundancy: An Employee’s Perspective

Redundancy can be hugely distressing, with emotional and financial impacts on employees and isn’t undertaken lightly by companies. Using coaching exercises in a workshop format with Adrian Nelson Pratt and Carolyne Crowe, we’ll help you reframe redundancy and create some progress towards your next step.

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