Career Q&A – Palliative Care, More Than Saying Goodbye, with Sieske Valk

We chat to Sieske, Vet Nurse turned End of Life Doula for pets, to hear about Autumn Animals, an holistic palliative and hospice care organisation for London's pet community

Posted: 20/01/2023


Global, Online


2nd Nov 2022


Sieske Valk
Lacey Pitcher

The palliative care sector in Vet med is growing. what's it all about? How can you get involved?

Join Lacey as she chats to Sieske Valk, a Dutch social entrepreneur, ex-veterinary nurse, and End of Life Doula for pets. She recently set up Autumn Animals, a holistic palliative and hospice care organisation for London’s elderly and ill pet community. We discuss how Sieske is carving out a career path and using those valuable vet nurse skills.

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