Reframing Redundancy: An Employee’s Perspective

Using coaching exercises in a workshop format, we’ll help you reframe redundancy and create some progress towards your next step.

Posted: 12/07/2023


Online, Zoom


18 July 2023 19:00 BST | 14:00 EST


Adrian Nelson Pratt
Carolyne Crowe

How can we reframe redundancy to take back career control?

Redundancy can be hugely distressing, with emotional and financial impacts on employees and isn’t undertaken lightly by companies.

VMGs Navigating Redundancy Series has provided an overview of redundancy from the employer’s and employee’s perspective so far. In this live discussion, two personal coaches,  Adrian Nelson-Pratt from VSGD and Carolyne Crowe from VDS Training help you start to look ahead.

Using coaching exercises in a workshop format, we help you reframe redundancy and create some progress towards your next step. It might not feel like it initially, but this cloud may have a silver lining with opportunities for personal growth and career development.

Our aim is to send you away with a simple roadmap using the following steps

  • The importance of acknowledging the initial reaction
  • Reflecting on achievements, skills and areas of expertise
  • Identify opportunities for personal development and leveraging skills in a VUCA world
  • Exploring new possibilities and career paths
  • Making the most of support systems and your network

Reframing redundancy isn’t easy, but there is a way through it and there will be opportunities even if you can’t see them at present. If you can approach it with a degree of resilience, positivity, and an open mind, it might just be the catalyst you need for a career squiggle!

If you’re facing redundancy, feeling lost or stuck and looking for support, then consider joining the VDS Training Group Career Coaching programme starting September 2023

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