Podcasting and Veterinary Nutrition: the surprising squiggle of Dr. Sprinkle

Watch back our Career Q and A with Dr. Megan Sprinkle, podcaster in the veterinary world and veterinary nutritionist, and so much more.

Posted: 24/01/2024


Online via Zoom

Date & Time

6th February
20:00 ET

Speaker & Host

Dr. Megan Sprinkle
Dr. Melanie Barham

Podcasting and Veterinary Nutrition: the surprising squiggle of Dr. Sprinkle

Host Dr. Melanie Barham spoke with Megan about what she’s learned interviewing over 150 fascinating veterinarians about their careers, how Megan squiggled her career to diversify, and more.

Dr. Megan Sprinkle

Dr. Megan Sprinkle is a veterinarian, dog mom, and entrepreneur. She received her DVM from Auburn University and completed a clinical nutrition residency at the University of Missouri.

Dr. Sprinkle has worked in clinics as well as worked over 6 years in the pet nutrition industry with Royal Canin and currently with BSM Partners, the largest pet industry consulting firm. With BSM Partners, she serves as a nutrition consultant and marketing strategist. One of Dr. Sprinkle’s biggest passions is supporting the veterinary industry, so she founded the Vet Life Reimagined podcast.

Dr. Sprinkle is co-founder of a 3D printing company with her husband and loves working with startups. She is also president of the American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition (AAVN).

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