Mentorship moments: New Grad & “The Boss”

Join Calum McIntyre & Peter O'Hagan from Vet Partners for their insights into mentorship.

Posted: 02/02/2023


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1st February 2023


Peter O'Hagan (VetPartners Small Animal Clinical Board)

Calum McIntyre (Graduate Veterinary Surgeon)

Vet Partners - Mentor & Mentee

Mentorship relationships are so important when it comes to our career – be them formal or informal. The people we pick up on the way can make a real difference to our career growth, confidence and sense of purpose. This is why here at VSGD we are going to start having monthly chats to delve into those relationships so we can learn what works for us.

First off is exploring the relationship between new graduates and bosses and what better duo to kick off that conversation than Calum and Peter. They actually first chatted together in a new grad support panel in VSGD last year! Calum started his first job at Aireworth Vets and has been taking responsibility for his own growth and development in a new job and early career with the support of his clinical team and Vet Partners. We will be thinking out loud with this mentorship partnership to cover what has worked to help transition a new grad and staff member into the profession.

Check out a great webinar on setting up for success in your mentorship relationship by the Academy of Medical Sciences. 

We will look at who to work with and how, building and maintaining trust, contracting and boundaries and managing expectations and goal setting as well as your questions too!

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