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Lost or stuck in your career? Identify your next step with VSGD community coaching

If you find yourself at a crossroads in your veterinary career, unsure of which path to take, or feeling stuck in your current situation, this interactive community coaching session with Adrian is for you!

Posted: 27/07/2023


Zoom, online


31st July 2023
19:30 BST | 14:30 EST


Adrian Nelson Pratt

Getting clear on your career: Coaching tools to get you started

Do these thoughts sound familiar?

“Feel lost and don’t know what the next step is”

“To be able to understand what is important to me, what work makes me feel happy and fulfilled and how to begin on the road towards a better career.”

“My confidence holds me back and what other people would think of me. The idea of doing something different and it not working out for me”

During this session, Adrian shares powerful tools and strategies to help you gain clarity and direction in your professional journey. You’ll discover how to break free from the overwhelming sense of uncertainty and isolation and connect with a supportive community of like-minded veterinary professionals.

Additionally, for those seeking more personalised guidance, you can book a one-on-one career call with the VSGD team to share your specific concerns and see if group coaching is for you or signpost you to develop an action plan. You can book in your call now here.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to transform your career outlook. Get ready to unlock your full potential with VSGD community coaching!

If you haven’t already, sign up for our 5 day free coaching prompts series. You’ll get an email a day for 5 days with a simple question designed to get you thinking to get clarity on your next step as a veterinary professional and leader.

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