Exploring the Multifaceted Career of James Greenwood: GP Vet to Potter, Author, and Media Maven

James Greenwood optimises stay go and diversify. A proud GP vet and some! Find out about fusing GP with creative outlets as an author, potter and media maven!

Posted: 22/08/2023


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29th August 2023 19:00 BST


Ebony Escalona
James Greenwood

Exploring the Multifaceted Journey of A Portfolio Professional

James Greenwood optimises stay go and diversify. A proud GP vet and some! However, his journey towards fulfilling his childhood dream hasn’t always been smooth; he’s had moments of doubt about whether it’s truly the best vocation. As a founding member of VSGD, he’s openly discussed how embracing various identities revitalized his passion for the profession.

Come and hear how flexing his creative side in pottery and the media has been fused with general practice work. For those seeking to infuse their true selves into their careers, this Q&A is a must-attend. Plus, we’re thrilled to offer book giveaways celebrating the launch of his book ‘For The Love of Animals.’ Don’t miss out!”

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Watch his TED style talk from VSGD Live 1.0 2018! (below) Still full of timeless advice

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James Greenwood - Claws and Clay: Mastering the Art of Veterinary Science

Rewatch this brilliant and thought provoking TED-style talk from James from VSGD Live in 2018. Full of timeless advice!

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