Interview the Team – Harper & Keele

With Philip Robinson and Zoe Shepherd from the Farm Animal Teaching Team at Harper & Keele Vet School

Posted: 14/11/2023


Online via Zoom

Date & Time

23 November 2023
19:30 GMT


Philip Robinson
Zoe Shepherd
Adrian Nelson-Pratt

Lecturer in Production Animal Practice. Could this be the job for you?

You may already be familiar with the impact of the Harper & Keele Vet School – a new school, new team and innovation in the teaching and curriculum. With a focus on primary care, a distributed teaching model and one of the most historical Agricultural Universities in the UK at their heart, it’s a great opportunity to make an impact through Farm Animal Teaching.

Adrian was joined by Deputy Head of School Philip Robinson and Preceptor Zoe Shepherd and explored the opportunity to join the team as a Lecturer in Production Animal Practice.

They talked about:

  • How an experienced farm GP vet with great knowledge transfer skills could join the team and gain a formal teaching qualification
  • What it means to have an integrated Production Animal, Public Health and Pathology approach
  • The opportunity to be in at the early phase of growth at a new vet school and be part of that future
  • The benefits that go with a university lecturer post

Philip Robinson is Professor of Veterinary Public Health and Deputy Head of School at Harper & Keele Veterinary School.

He grew up on a beef suckler farm in Northern Ireland and has a keen interest across the production animal species in both teaching and research.

After spending far too many years of his life engaged in postgraduate studies, he is a Diplomate and RCVS Recognised Specialist in State Veterinary Medicine and gained a PhD in Geography from Durham University!

Zoe Shepherd is a Teaching Fellow in Veterinary Professional Development ( Veterinary Professional Preceptor) and recently joined the school after 7 years in farm practice.

During the pandemic she started exploring diversification as a veterinary coach and became qualified in 2022. She is enjoying exploring the new world of academia with the support of the School and still keeps her hand in on the family run dairy farm in N. Cheshire.

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