Dive into the transformative world of coaching

Katie and Claire from Vet Empowered, joined Adrian from Vets Stay Go Diversify! for a power hour that will change the way you see personal development.

Posted: 29/02/2024


Online via Zoom

Date & Time

6 March 2024
@ 19:00 GMT


Katie Ford
Claire Grigson
Adrian Nelson-Pratt

Dive into the transformative world of coaching

Katie and Claire from Vet Empowered joined Adrian from Vets Stay Go Diversify! for a power hour that will change the way you see personal development.

Together, they bust myths, unravel misconceptions, and share real-life stories of transformation.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the coaching waters, this replay is for you.

Discover the power of coaching, learn how to find the right coach, and how that could change things for you in your career and beyond.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore coaching from every angle.

Katie Ford

Katie is an experienced small animal vet, having graduated from Liverpool in 2012 and gaining her RCVS Certificate in Internal Medicine in 2017. She became passionate about opening conversations up around imposter syndrome and self-doubt following her own experiences in the veterinary profession, and trained as a coach with further study in a number of areas, as well as publishing a series of books. Katie grew a following of over 20,000 across social media as @katiefordvet, and is an international and keynote speaker, both in the vet profession and beyond. She co-founded Vet Empowered in 2020, offering personal development content and group coaching services, namely to recent graduates.

As her businesses grew, she saw the importance of money mindset and financial independence, not only within her own clients but in making personal progress too. She joined VetYou as a co-director, helping to break down barriers around finances within the profession and to enable access to timely, expert financial advice.

Throughout her career, Katie has picked up various other skills, from a Level 7 in Event Management (running VETstagram in 2020 and 2023) to a Digital Marketing Diploma. She has been nominated for several awards, from BrightMinds Influencer, MYTA Entrepreneur of The Year and Business Woman of The Year.

She recently came to the end of studying for a Masters Degree in Emotional Wellbeing, and is currently undertaking an additional CMI Level 7 ICF coaching qualification to deepen her practice, particularly around trauma-informed and somatic coaching.

Katie was awarded the RCVS Inspiration Award in 2023.

Outside of the veterinary space, Katie regularly facilitates teambuilding, as well as speaking for a variety of companies. In 2023, she was honoured to speak alongside Jake and Damian from the High Performance Podcast and Times bestselling author, Roxie Nafousi. She has contributed to a number of press articles, including in the Telegraph and Reader’s Digest.

Claire Grigson

Claire graduated from RDSVS in 2007, and has spent time in small animal private practice, charity practice, management roles and ECC locum work. 

After experiencing challenges in her personal life, including divorce and bereavement, she started to explore personal development, and participated in a life coaching group programme. The experience was so transformational for her, that she went on to train as a certified and accredited transformational life coach, so that she could support others to build a strong self-relationship, and become a creator in their own lives. 

She then further niched down into dating & relationship coaching, and specialises in working with women who identify as having an anxious attachment style, supporting them to move towards earned secure attachment. 

 She is also co-founder of Vet Empowered alongside Katie Ford, and together they have been providing transformational group coaching and personal development to the profession for over 3 years. They connected after Claire sent Katie a voicenote in the Instagram DM’s, and since then their business has gone from strength to strength. 

 They support vet professionals to reconnect back to themselves (underneath the job roles and titles) and create a life that feels fulfilling for them, and are particularly passionate about working with new and recent graduates, to teach them the transformational tools that they wish they had been taught at the start of their careers. 

When Claire isn’t running her businesses, you’ll find her walking with the wee dog ‘Cabbage’ (a legend in her own right), picking up vintage & charity shop finds, drinking chai latte,or dancing in her kitchen.

Adrian Nelson-Pratt

Adrian is a professional coach, speaker, writer, entrepreneur, business owner and veterinarian with nearly 25 years’ experience in the veterinary profession. He has been coaching and training teams for over 15 years.  He has coached over 100 people to successful career changes.

He brings significant commercial and marketing expertise to any project, with 10 years of management experience at Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Colgate Palmolive.

Recognised as a thought leader in the veterinary industry, he has been invited to speak at numerous international seminars, events, Universities and company programmes. Adrian is also a Director at Vets, Stay, Go, Diversify.

“Coaching is goal led, believing in the infinite resourcefulness of the coaching client. I take enormous joy in watching my clients achieve their dreams, change their lives and find happiness. I’d love to coach you too.”

Vet Empowered

Vet Empowered is a veterinary-led, personal development and coaching game changer, founded by Katie Ford and Claire Grigson in 2020. We have over 25years’ experience in practice, and still continue to work on the ground too.

We offer the transformational Vet Empowered Signature Programme veterinary group coaching experience, workshops, 1:1 coaching, events and bespoke packages to boost confidence and allow individuals to thrive. We have been privileged to work alongside a number of companies in the veterinary space and beyond, being trusted to help provide their colleague support.

​Above all, we value authenticity, compassion and energy. Vetmed needs genuine connection, and we believe in being ‘real’. Our work goes way beyond the consult room, we do not care how many extra qualifications that you have – we treat you as a human.

​”We truly believe that everyone should have the chance to reconnect with themselves and understand what is truly important to them as individuals, treating themselves with compassion as they raise their self-awareness. The gift of coaching and holding space to consider this can be pivotal both inside and outside of work. We work with people beyond their job titles, and feel privileged that our veterinary experience adds in a relatable, mentorship aspect to our work too. Although we have worked with a wide range of professionals, we find that the majority of our clients are early career professionals; a fantastic time to go through this experience.”

​Katie Ford & Claire Grigson – Vet Empowered Founders

Both founders of Vet Empowered have experienced the lifechanging effects of coaching, and still continue to work with their own coaches and mentors.

Whilst Vet Empowered started as Katie and Claire, they have now expanded and are pleased to welcome a number of support coaches, as well as a wonderful admin support team.

Vet Empowered was a finalist for the Manchester Young Talent Awards Entrepreneurial Initiative of the Year in 2023.

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