Community Catalysts Panel: Shaping the Future of Veterinary Careers Together!

An enlightening panel with veterinary mastermind leaders, exploring pivotal themes such as flexible working, parental support, universal design principles, and career transition. Experts joines us from Flexee, Vet Mums, BVCIS, and more. Navigate challenges and discover innovative strategies in the veterinary field together!

Posted: 12/10/2023


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17th October 2023, 19:00 BST


Liz Barton
Silvia Janska and Alice Moore
Claire Hodgson
Hosted by Adrian Nelson Pratt

🚀 Embark on a Journey with Veterinary Mastermind Leaders at the London Vet Show!

🚀 We were joined by a collective Powerhouse of Veterinary Mastermind leaders! Watch-back our thought-provoking and enlightening panel discussion featuring leaders from influential veterinary communities. Navigate through the pivotal themes and outcomes of various masterminds, exploring flexible working, supportive environments for working parents, universal design principles to go beyond reasonable adjustments at work, and smooth career transitions in the veterinary field.

🐾 Hosted by: Adrian Nelson Pratt  with guests from 

  • Flexee – Silvia and Alice 
  • Vet Mums – Liz
  • British Veterinary Chronic Ill Health Society (BVCIS) – Claire
  • London Vet Show (LVS) – Lottie 
  • Vets Stay Go Diversify – Adrian  


Are you coming to the London Vet Show? We would love to have you join us. Take a look here at the plethora of community masterminds you can contribute to. 

Our Panel Mastermind Highlights:

🌐 Flexee & XLVets delve into the complexities of flexible working, exploring its critical role in team satisfaction, and recruitment and retention strategies, backed by real-world learnings from the XLVet Community.

👨‍👩‍👦 VetMums embark on a compassionate exploration into the hurdles vet parents face, such as imposter syndrome and self-confidence issues, providing a repository of resources and supports to navigate these challenges.

🏥 BVCIS illuminates the principles of Universal Design, exploring its application across various sectors and developing foundational guidance for its integration into veterinary education and workplaces.

🚀 VSGD assists in demystifying career transitions, aiding the co-creation of transition guides and facilitating conversations with career pioneers across diverse fields.

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