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Caring for the Caregiver: The True Impact of Wellbeing on Patient Safety and Team Performance

Mel Barham hosted Dan Tipney, Training Director at VetLed, who gave his expert take on the subject of wellbeing and its impact throughout the veterinary profession.

Posted: 16/01/2024


Online via Zoom

Date & Time

24th January
@ 19:30 GMT


Dan Tipney
Melanie Barham

Improving patient safety and team performance with your secret weapon: Human Factors

Ever have a case that didn’t go well, even though everyone knows their job and has great technical skills?  
Pilot and Director at VetLed Dan Tipney joined host Mel for an interactive talk about how teams and individuals can improve patient safety AND team performance… and the answer isn’t checklists or more paperwork.  They talked about Human Factors, what they are, how the frameworks can transform your team’s outcomes, and practically, how to get started.

This is a great watch-back for all members of the veterinary team.  

Dan Tipney

As a former international athlete and coach, airline pilot, and Human Factors trainer, Dan Tipney provides a wealth of experience across numerous disciplines.

Drawing on these insights, Dan now brings his expertise to veterinary teams, delivering profession-relevant Human Factors training as Training Director at VetLed.

Across all fields, Dan has consistently observed positive change as a direct result of non-technical factors such as leadership, communication, well-being, and in particular positive organisational culture.

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