The power of emotional intelligence in our careers: Olivia Oginska’s evolution from vet to human savvy specialist

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Posted: 15/08/2023


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25th September 2023, 19:30 BST


Olivia Oginska
Hosted by Ebony Escalona

Let's get Human Savvy as we gather, poised to immerse ourselves in Liv's Career story

Liv Oginska is a veterinarian, speaker, positive psychology coach, a certified workplace conflict mediator and an emotional intelligence specialist who… “speaks Human”. Since 2010, Liv has been immersed in a global veterinary community, completing multiple externships in the UK, North America and Australia. In 2016, when she graduated as a veterinarian from the university of Poland, she pursued a veterinary career in the UK. That is also where Liv gained experience and credentials in positive psychology, emotional intelligence and conflict mediation, so that her passion for human wellbeing and interpersonal dynamics could be fully developed.

For the last 3 years, Liv devoted her veterinary career to supporting both individuals and the veterinary teams (especially leaders) in becoming more human-savvy. The human-savvy work focuses on helping veterinary hospitals to turn into places where everyone’s humanity and dignity are embraced and cherished, regardless of one’s background or identity.

Liv is starting a lecturing position at Murdoch vet school in the Autumn and is starting a PhD at the end of September, so she’s now affiliated with both Murdoch and University of Adelaide. While contributing most of her time to consulting other veterinarians, Liv still works as a part-time clinician, so that she can fully comprehend the complexity and the emotional demands of the clinical roles.

Also, in October, she’s launching the new cohort of the Human-Savvy League as the first one was a hit! Here’s the website where everyone can sign up on a waiting list.

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