Career Q&A: Equine Nursing – Not a One Trick Pony

Join REVN, Anthony Hall to explore the exciting world of equine nursing.

Posted: 02/03/2023


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16th March 2023, 19:00 GMT


Anthony Hall (B&W Equine Vets)

Join our Equine Nursing Panel to learn about rEVNs straight from the horse's mouth

As a small animal RVN I have enjoyed a varied career but it was recently brought to my attention that I knew very little about my equine counterparts and their role. I have made it my mission to learn more and understand how REVN careers vary and about how equine nurses are utilising their #vnpassport. We will be interviewing Anthony and exploring how he has carved out his equine niche and how equine nursing is growing while also dispelling a few myths. 

Anthony graduated from Hartpury University 7 years ago and has been excelling in his role at a referral hospital in the Diploma lead imaging department. His exceptional skills include performing MRIs, CTs, and X Ray examinations. Anthony is a Hallmarq approved technician, having completed approximately ~200 exams per year and attending 2 Annual European meetings on Equine MRI in Chamonix, France. Notably, he collaborated with the Cannon team 5 years ago to design his hospital’s CT Scanning facility, and has since become a Cannon approved CT Operator. Anthony is also highly knowledgeable in radiology, having spent 6 years under the guidance of Jan Butler (author of Clinical Radiology of the Horse) before she retired late last year.

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