Career Creator Workshop Series

Join us for a Career 101 Workshop to help kick off your next career steps. Let’s help you attract opportunities that are right for you!

Posted: 13/01/2023


Global, Online


December 2022 - February 2023


Ebony Escalona
Melanie Barham
Adrian Nelson-Pratt

Looking for a career change but not sure how to find the right opportunity?
Have you heard of all the possibilities for a veterinary career but have no idea how to find them?

Our reverse recruitment offering has seen loads of you find your fit and build connections and relationships for your future careers. We want to evolve our support for you and this free series will do just that! Recruiting is not a one-way street! Whether it’s different hours, new opportunities or a change of location: let employers come to you through Reverse Recruitment and build your candidate profile on our new VSGD careers platform.

There has never been a better time to put yourself out there and we want to help you showcase your talents so that you can find your career fit! We want to help YOU become a candidate of choice. So, this three part workshop will help you to:

  1. Create the movie trailer of you- your standout personal profile 

  2. Discover your transferable talents – your strengths and competencies 

  3. Get clear on what you want in a workplace and how to broadcast it 

  4. Create your VSGD Candidate Profile Before you watch anything, create your candidate profile here. The workshop series was designed to work to perfectly showcase you on our platform or LinkedIn!

Session 1: The Movie Trailer of You (no video required!)

Session 1 workbook Word doc or Pdf version

Session 2: Your Strengths and Competencies

Session 2 workbook Word doc or Pdf version

Session 3: Your Ideal Workplace

Session 3 workbook Word doc or Pdf version

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