Buying in or setting up- Stories from VSGD

A jam-packed panel with tangible tips and inspiration from VSGDers who have set up, as well as industry professionals who have been supporting hundreds of practices start-up

Posted: 20/01/2023


Global, Online


10th May 2022


Howard Kellock (Fakenham Farm & Equine)
Shelley Cook (Little Rock Equine Vets)
Vicky Robinson (Vet Dynamics)
Scott Shearer (Ngage Consulting)
Ebony Escalona

To buy or not to buy? That is the question...

Sometimes it’s not about finding our fit in this profession but creating it. Sometimes staying means becoming your own boss and building a team from the ground up.
Starting out can seem like an impossibility and this panel is here to help share with you what is possible! Hear from a panel who have dedicated their careers to helping support veterinary businesses to start and thrive.
We cover stories and tips on the following:
  • Painting your vision, managing your mindset and making that decision to start
  • Crafting your support system
  • Penning the business plan in the current climate
  • Options: Buying out vs setting up
  • Navigating Finance/investments
  • Building your client experience
  • Growing your Team
  • Common challenges and pitfalls
  • Honing your operational effectiveness and refining your systems
We’re joined by the wonderful minds behind Fakenham Farm & Equine Vets, Little Rock Equine Vets, and Vet Dynamics.

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