Beyond Buzzwords Employer Series

Watch back our workshop series for employers to actively work on creating a better job ad and recruiting strategy that resonates with job seekers. Download our top tips guide and workbooks too!

Posted: 13/04/2023




April 24 May 4th
May 18th
14:00 EST/19:00 BST


Dr. Melanie Barham
Dr. Ebony Escalona
Dr. Adrian Nelson-Pratt

Beyond buzzwords: Employer Workshop Series

Watch back our three part series to help you, the employers, build your brand story and identify the unique and great reasons to work with you.

These interactive workshops will allow you to come away with tangible tips to implement across your recruitment efforts. So grab your pen and paper!

  1. Why buzzwords like “competitive salaries” won’t cut it. Get clear on who you are as a workplace and what you have to offer. Let’s get rid of beige buzzwords that put your ideal candidates off. Get clarity from your offering by harnessing the positive impact you have on your team. Access your workbook here
  2. Getting your story straight: Prove who you are. It’s easy to throw values and benefits around, but how do we showcase the behaviours and actions we live out as a team? Social proof is crucial to recruiting. We’ll show you how to live that old saying, “Don’t tell me you are funny, make me laugh!”
  3. Harnessing social media without overwhelm: Share who you are.  Social media is an incredible tool to share your story, and it doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming. Let’s break down the barriers that stop you from utilizing digital platforms. Facts tell and stories sell. And people buy people after all, so don’t neglect this powerful platform

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