5-Week Guide to Getting a Job

Are you in the market for a new job? Check out our 5 session series where we help fast track any job search process. 

Posted: 18/01/2023


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Are you in the market for a new job?

Breaking any change down can be hard and moving jobs is one of the biggest changes you can make.

The job market is challenging right now, with vet clinics reporting shortages of vets and nurses. Whether you want to stay, go or diversify, VSGD is here to support you. HBR published an article that we loved, so we’ve converted it into a month of FREE career development for VSGDers.

Rewatch our VSGD’s five-week guide to getting a new job. 

Check out our 5 session series where we addressed a specific topic to help fast track any job search process. 

This is about making you an employee of choice and helping you to seek out those great employers who want fabulous staff in their roles, not just a warm body with an MRCVS.

What does the Guide involve? Each session includes a little bit of theory, but the key part is the workshop; working out how to achieve these 5 steps in your career planning 

  • Session 1 – Update your CV to highlight transferable skills

  • Session 2 – Improving your personal brand on Linkedin and social media

  • Session 3 – How to find and interview potential new colleagues working in your dream job

  • Session 4 – Use your network to ask for job search referrals

  • Session 5 – Preparing for a virtual job interview

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