The nitty-gritty about listing a job and working with us.

Most Frequent questions- Employers

Any company can make a company profile with us, and it’s visible to any candidate registered on our site.  If you list a job with us, you can peruse our candidate bank and message ideal candidates directly, book meetings with them, get instant applications, screen candidates, and even have team members review candidates you’ve found who might be a good match. 

If you’ve listed a job with us, you can search our bank of candidates easily.  Login to your dashboard and select “search candidates.” You can use filters to choose location, skills etc.  If you see one you like you can “star” them to favourite them and they’ll show up on your dashboard. Other people on your team who have logins with us can also see these candidates.  

You can message candidates directly through their profile as an employer who lists jobs with us. Invite them to apply, set up a meeting, ask if they have any questions, ask about their interesting experience in Latvia working with snails… you choose!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

As an employer listing a job with us, we know knowledge is king!  

Log in to your dashboard, and you’ll see the key stats about the jobs you have listed with us. How many views, number of applicants, number of people who saved the job, and any messages or applications you have.  Anytime someone applies, or asks questions, you’ll also get a notification via email so you don’t miss a thing.

An Interview the Boss or ITB, is a live video event where we interview an employer, their career path, and their workplace and positions.  This is the BEST way to get to know what it might actually be like to work together, and learn all kinds of little nuggets of info about the organization.  If you join us live, you can also ask your questions privately or in a small intimate setting.  

Companies who have done an ITB have the recording right in their company profile and job listing. Check out more details about how to sign up for an ITB here.

We have an amazing audience of job seekers in addition to our candidate bank.  These fantastic veterinary professionals are from all over the world and want to meet employers just like you.  

If you choose our Plus or Pro packages, you’ll get access to our community for an even larger pool of applicants.  Our team of veterinary copywriters take your job ad and posts in the group twice during your 30-day period in an engaging way.  This helps people see your ad more, and get to know you so much better, reducing the barriers to applying or asking you questions about the job.

You can also post anytime you like – ask a question, share a video of your workplace or just look around.  

Need help? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. As a Plus package holder, you’ll get a straightforward guide to help you if you want to engage with our social media community. As a pro package holder, you’ll get a personal concierge service to guide you one-on-one.

It’s likely you’ve been advertising in multiple places and have tweaked your job ad many times. Never fear, we’re here to help you stand out.

Our custom fields and questions help get to the unique features of your workplace to showcase them to candidates you want.  We offer best practices and tips along the way – check your emails when you sign up!

If you sign up for the Plus or Pro packages, you’ll also get the benefit of a veterinary copywriter to support you.  Our team of experienced veterinary professionals know how to help your workplace stand out.  You’ll sign up for your package, fill in the fields and answer the prompts/questions, and click submit.  Our team will review and make suggestions on wording to you. If you feel like you’re shooting in the dark with your job ad, the Plus or Pro package is for you!

Check out Packages now.

You can view our package pricing here, and learn about the different options available. 

No matter what you do, don’t leave without making a free company profile.  You’ll get viewed by candidates all over the world with no charge for the exposure you gain.  

Make your company profile here.

After you make a profile, login to the platform (click on the little person icon on the top menu), visit our packages page to purchase. 

The space you are purchasing with us is advertising space for 30 days (or longer if you need).  If your jobs are similar (i.e., 2 vets needed for a practice), then feel free to list the jobs in one advert.  

If you need to advertise multiple roles that are quite different or have vastly different titles, salary ranges etc, please get in touch as we do offer successful and custom options to promote your brand and fill roles.  We do bulk discounts and customized campaigns all the time for large organizations, universities, and startups.

Get in touch

If you find a candidate through us, we charge a success fee that is a percentage of the salary you award to the candidate.  

Part of the success fee is paid to the candidate as a thank you and congratulations to them. Success fees go directly to supporting community events and resources for our community to keep free events rolling and the career support cycle rotating.

Rates charged vary by package – see packages page for details.

We also offer FLAT rate success fees to organizations who are prohibited from paying success fees. Contact us for details.

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