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If you’re tired of trying to stand out, you’re in the right place.

We’re doing things differently and getting results for employers in every sector of veterinary medicine. Charity, not-for-profit, non-clinical, academia, research, government, clinical work, human medicine… we really meant it when we say we’ve helped workplaces in every sector get staffed.

We help you

  • tell your story in a way that the right candidates can really see you.
  • connect with an engaged audience in a high trust environment
  • craft your story and create videos, posts, and stories during your campaign that can be used over and over.


Let’s get your workplace fully staffed so you can do what you do best.

Check out our interactive video to get specifics about how we help people in your corner of veterinary medicine get staffed!

Connect with Candidates with authenticity

We focus on building authentic connections and showing your values and culture in every exposure point.

Our service has been developed in consultation with our community of 26,000+ veterinary professionals, and we work to maintain high levels of engagement and trust.

Every job gets more exposure than a traditional ad because you get:

  • Company profile
  • Job Ad
  • Posts in a dedicated community of over 12,000 veterinary job seekers


For even more exposure, we also offer add-on live events and expert support to craft your ad/social media.

Standing Out Means Doing something New

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

That’s why we started VSGD Careers: we were tired of so many frustrated employers and candidates. We’ve got to try new things to get different results.

We were the first to insist on salary transparency in the veterinary market 2 years ago. Why? Because our community requested it, AND it increased job views by 4-5x, and applicants by 2-3x in our case-controlled market research studies.

Every aspect of our service gets piloted, market researched, and tested.  

We do  new things, and we back them by data.  


Employer Testimonials

Lanes Farm Vets
Lanes Farm VetsUK, Clinical Farm Vet Practice
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"We successfully found a suitable candidate through VSGD who, to our delight, has accepted our offer of an export vet position. The process was straightforward and we received several applications which was a relief in the current climate."
Janet Horsfield, Director and Farm Vet
Animal Plant Health Agency
Animal Plant Health AgencyUK, Government
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"‘Interview with the Boss’ is an excellent means to engage with potential APHA vets of the future. The VSGD team developed crisp and engaging adverts and supported us with various initiatives and ideas to gain improved exposure.
I would happily recommend our partners at Vets Stay Go Diversify and we will certainly be targeting further support in the future."
Sion Rowlands, Veterinary Head of Careers and Education
University of Edinburgh
University of EdinburghUK, Teaching, Academia & Research
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"Due to the strength of candidates, rather than hire one farm vet, we hired two!"
Dr. Paul Wood
University of Liverpool
University of LiverpoolUK, Teaching, Academia
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"So happy with the services! We have had multiple people contacting us about the roles and applying, and in general a much higher level of interest [than other methods]."

Dr. Jenny Bowen-Smith, Senior Vet/Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool
Vets 1 Group
Vets 1 GroupUK,
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"The level of care has been outstanding."

Dr. Simon Power, Vets 1 Group

Wow! You listened really and created a job ad that really stands out!"

VSGD Client

Add-ons With Impact!

Want Expertise? We've Got you Covered

Just like you wouldn’t expect your client to be an expert in surgery, why expect yourself to be a professional job ad writer?

We have a team of professionals who:

  • Pull out the amazing things about your workplace
  • Craft your ad and social media/community posts
  • Advise you on social media positioning so you can post in our groups and anywhere else with a better job ad and copy.


Choose the Exposure and Expertise package!

Want extra exposure that Gets Applicants? Add an Interview the Boss!

Add a professionally facilitated live event where we interview your team in a casual setting online about what it’s like to work at your workplace.  Candidates can join live or view later.

Employers tell us:

  • They get higher quality applicants
  • They get more applicants than without the ITB
  • They use the video for future hiring and promotion
  • They had fun! (Yep, even the introverts!)

Candidates tell us:

  • They feel at home right away with the workplace
  • They use the events to learn how to apply
  • They feel comfortable to ask questions of their future employer!

Choose the Exposure and Expertise package with an Interview the Boss!

Ready to Get Fully Staffed?

If you’re ready to engage your team and get roles filled, we’re here to help.

We want to support you in sharing the unique and amazing ways you and your team work together, and find the ideal people for you.  

We’re not for everybody. If you want to cut and paste your advert from somewhere else, then we may not be the right place for you. At VSGD, we don’t run a typical jobs board, we help you engage with our audiences, and see much more success with you investing a little more time into showcasing your workplace to our community.

Let’s get you fully staffed!

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