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  • Sectors Equine , Large / Farm Animal , Small Animal
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  • Flexible work environment We are currently running a Flexible Working project
  • Support for global candidates/visas Some practices are able to support visas
  • Remote/work from home Please enquire with individual practices
  • Benefits Access to XLVets community resources, meetings and events
  • Company overview

    The XLVets group of independent vets work across XLVets Farm, XLVets Equine and XLVets Pets. Species teams work collaboratively on campaigns and initiatives that drive growth within practices. XLVets exists to ensure that its member practices can leverage the advantages of scale and process management that can be obtained within bigger structures, but not at the expense of absolute control.

    The ethos of the XLVets community is that business ownership, and therefore all decision-making, is veterinary-led and in the hands of the people who work within their practice. Creating businesses that are part of, and enhance their local communities.

  • Company values

    Our vision is that by working together we can achieve so much more.

  • Flexible work initiatives at the workplace

    XLVets Project Manager and Vet, Alice Moore, is leading a project to explore the implementation of flexible working in veterinary practices in association with Flexee. Our members have been encouraged to explore opportunities that enable their team to work flexibly.

    As a collaborative community, our members have shared their experiences and insight into flexible working, further inspiring other practices to engage with the project. Alice has also facilitated focus groups and created materials that support and enable conversations about flexible working in practice.

    “Across the globe, the ‘social contract’ that we have with our workplaces is changing, and the veterinary world is no exception. We have the choice to embrace this change as an opportunity for advancement and innovation, but in order to do so we need to identify what is working well now and how we can evolve the design of our working practices. The Flexible Working Project seeks to identify ways in which XLVet members are developing their workplace environments, with the aim of supporting a healthy retention of team members.” – Alice Moore

  • Sustainability initiatives you have in the workplace

    As a collaborative community, we share ideas across our membership. Our members are supporting each other to employ sustainable working practices by running workshops at our team meetings and sharing resources in our monthly member’s update. XLVets members Paragon Veterinary Group and Garston Veterinary Group have both received rewards and recognition for their commitment and actions towards creating a sustainable work environment.

Company Description

We are a collaborative community of independent veterinary practices across England, Scotland and Wales.

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