Waltham Petcare Science Institute

  • Sectors Industry (Animal Health)
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  • Flexible work environment Part-time, Job Share, Compressed Hours, Sabbaticals available
  • Support for global candidates/visas Applicants must be registered to practice in UK
  • Remote/work from home Site based position
  • Benefits Company pension, Annual Leave, Medical Scheme, Health & Wellbeing Associates Assistance Programme, Life Insurance, Sick Benefit, Associates Referral Scheme
  • Company overview

    At Waltham, we believe that with data, knowledge, and insights, we can find new ways to improve the health and wellbeing of pets around the world.

    As Mars Petcare’s science centre, we are uniquely positioned to analyse information on the behaviour, health and genetics of pets around the world through our nutrition, health and pet service businesses. We also collect data from the pets housed at our 100+ acre site, and we do so following our WALTHAM™ caring science approach.

    At the MARS PETCARE BIOBANK, Waltham scientists will have the opportunity to connect biological samples of thousands of pets to their health, lifestyle, behaviour and genetic data. This can help them understand the markers of health and disease, and find new ways to advance individualised care for pets.  Working with Antech Diagnostics and Mars Veterinary Health experts, Waltham teams analysed historic health records of thousands of cats and dogs and identified early prediction algorithms for chronic kidney disease (CKD) risk in dogs and cats.

  • Company values

    The five principals are how we do business at Mars: They unite us across geographies, cultures and generations. Together, they serve as a guide that every Associate can depend on to make decisions – big or small – knowing that when we look at a problem through the collective lens of the Five Principles, we will reach a stronger decision. They are at the heart of the success we’ve enjoyed over the decades and will continue to guide us in the decades to come.

    Quality: Quality begins with delivering our best to the people and pets we serve. It continues through all that we do.​

    Responsibility: We take responsibility without being asked. ​We support the responsibilities of others.​

    Mutuality: A mutual benefit is a shared benefit. Shared benefits will endure.

    Efficiency: Our resources are precious. Being efficient helps us accomplish more and waste less. ​

    Freedom: Freedom lets us shape our future. Performance allows us to remain free.​

  • What makes your organization a great place to work?

    Research and Innovation: Waltham Petcare Science Institute is renowned for its research in pet nutrition, behaviour, health & wellbeing. Being part of a team that contributes to advancing knowledge in these areas is stimulating and professionally rewarding.

    Passionate Community: Working with colleagues who share a passion for improving the lives of pets through scientific research creates a supportive and collaborative work environment.

    Impactful Work: The dedication and hard work of our associates directly contributes to enhancing the well-being of pets worldwide, providing a sense of purpose and making a positive impact.

    Interdisciplinary Collaboration: The nature of pet nutrition and health research involves collaboration among various scientific disciplines, offering opportunities to learn from experts in different fields.

    Continued Learning: Pet nutrition, behaviour, health & wellbeing is dynamic, with new discoveries and advancements regularly emerging. Associates have access to ongoing learning and professional development opportunities.

    Work-Life Balance: We offer our associates a supportive work-life balance, recognizing the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle & spending time with our pets!

    Global Reach: Our work has a global reach, allowing associates to engage with colleagues, partners, and research from around the world.

    Innovation Culture: Our Purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS™ encourages a culture of innovation, allowing our associates to think creatively and seek solutions to challenges.

  • Describe an ideal employee at your organization

    Associates are passionate about our purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS™

    Associates possesses a combination of skills, qualities, and characteristics that contribute to their effectiveness in the role and create a hugely positive impact.

    • Dependable and take ownership of the task at hand to meet deadlines & fulfil commitments.
    • Adapt to changing circumstances, learn new skills, and embrace new technologies or methodologies.
    • Communicate effectively, ensuring that information is conveyed accurately and comprehensively.
    • Collaboration is essential, associates actively contribute to team efforts, and respects diverse perspectives.
    • Approach problems with a solutions-oriented mindset, using critical thinking and creativity to identify and implement effective solutions.
    • Committed to ongoing learning and personal development, seeks opportunities to expand skills and knowledge.
    • Operates with integrity, respects company values, and treats colleagues and clients with fairness and respect.
  • Family-friendly initiatives at this workplace
    • Open to part-time employees
    • Open to job sharing
    • Open to compressed hours
    • Sabbaticals
    • Enhanced maternity leave – 26 weeks at 90% pay
    • Enhanced paternity leave – 26 weeks at 90% pay
    • 24 days annual leave + bank holidays (increasing to 32 days with service)
    • “Pawternity” leave
    • Pregnancy loss leave
  • Flexible work initiatives at the workplace
    • Open to part-time employees
    • Open to job sharing
    • Open to compressed hours
    • Sabbaticals
    • Enhanced maternity leave – 26 weeks at 90% pay
    • Enhanced paternity leave – 26 weeks at 90% pay
    • 24 days annual leave + bank holidays (increasing to 32 days with service)
    • “Pawternity” leave
    • Pregnancy loss leave


Company Description

Mars has been proudly family owned for over 100 years. It’s this independence that gives us the gift of freedom to think in generations, not quarters, so we can invest in the long-term future of our business, our people and the planet — all guided by our enduring Principles.

We believe the world we want tomorrow starts with how we do business today. Our bold ambitions must be matched with actions today from our more than 125,000 Associates in 80 countries around the world.

Some of our current initiatives are:

  • Investing $1 billion over the next several years to become sustainable in a generation
  • Working to improve the wellbeing for families around the world
  • Leveraging and sharing our research to create a better world for pets

Every day we are one step closer to the world we want tomorrow, through our steadfast commitment to action today.

The Waltham Petcare Science Institute is Mars Petcare’s science centre. At Waltham, we are on a mission to improve the lives of pets through science, all in support of our Purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS™.

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