Trillium Equine Veterinary Services

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  • Flexible work environment Super flexible shifts - we will work with your schedule!
  • Support for global candidates/visas Not available at this time
  • Remote/work from home During your shift you are welcome to go about your daily life while being available to attend emergencies
  • Benefits Will be discussed for anyone interested in a full time position
  • Company overview

    Trillium Equine partners with southern Ontario equine practices to offer after-hours emergency care to their clients. Experienced, fully-equipped veterinarians will be available evenings, weekends, and holidays to allow practice owners and associates to enjoy their time away from work.

  • Company values

    Trillium Equine exists to improve the quality of life of equine veterinarians, and to make the profession a more sustainable career option. We take excellent care of horse owners so their regular veterinarians are free to take a minute away from their phones.

  • What makes your organization a great place to work?

    Trillium Equine is proving that it IS possible to be an equine veterinarian and have time away from work! You can decide the number of shifts that is right for you. In your off time, you will not have clients contacting you to ask about the lump they just found on their horse’s face, or sending you videos of their horse limping on the lunge.

    We welcome you to be part of “the change” that is necessary for equine practice to be a viable long term career option! Trillium has been so successful since launching in July 2022 that we’ve added a second location to serve horse owners in southern Ontario.

  • Describe an ideal employee at your organization

    This is an amazing opportunity for someone who used to work in equine practice and really misses working with horses but doesn’t want to jump back into full time clinical practice. It would also be a good option for a recent grad who completed an equine internship or a couple of years in practice and is feeling a bit burned out by the whole experience. If you need some help, we can provide support over the phone, and can generally arrange for someone to come to a farm if you’re in a pinch.

  • Family-friendly initiatives at this workplace

    Flexible scheduling is the name of the game for Trillium! Want to be home with your kids or fur babies during the day, and you have support on evenings and weekends for emergency calls? Perfect! We will work with your schedule to pick the number of shifts that is right for you each month. We want you to be able to fully enjoy your life outside of work, whatever that looks like!

  • Flexible work initiatives at the workplace

    Our flexible shift schedule allows you plenty of time during the day to train as a high level athlete, complete an advanced degree, look after kids, or have time to relax. Want to be able to ride your horse, grocery shop, and have lunch with a friend before you start work? We’d love to chat! Are you dependable, and willing to work 1 night per week? 2 nights? Any number of shifts, up to a full time position is available!

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives you have

    We are committed to being a company where everyone feels safe and respected.

  • Sustainability initiatives you have in the workplace

    Trillium’s vision is to create sustainability for equine veterinarians! We welcome you to play a role in the solution for one of the major challenges facing equine practice today.

Company Description

Empowering equine veterinarians to live their best lives by changing the paradigm of emergency care!

As an equine veterinarian myself, I was tired of seeing experienced, talented colleagues leaving the equine field because of the burden of after hours care. So I launched Trillium Equine to provide a solution!

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