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  • Sectors Research/ Academia , Small Animal
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  • Flexible work environment Garden Vets at Keele offer flexible working arrangements, job share opportunities.
  • Support for global candidates/visas Garden Vets at Keele are becoming a visa-sponsoring organisation, currently in the process of applying for its first sponsor licence to ensure opportunity and access for global talent who are like-minded and committed to developing and sustaining an open, inclusive, and diverse practice where everyone can thrive.
  • Remote/work from home Depending on the role, some remote or home working may also be possible, particularly for non-clinical activities.
  • Benefits Garden Vets at Keele has a comprehensive benefits package including: Pension enrolment, Holiday Pay, Sick Pay, Childcare support
  • Company overview

    Garden Vets are a fully comprehensive primary care service, building a first-class, diverse, and extensively experienced team of outstanding veterinary professionals who have received and will continue to enjoy, the best training and learning available. Each team member is a committed and highly qualified professional, working together to offer treatment alongside a dedicated small animal comprehensive primary care, ECC and referral hospital, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Garden Vets at Keele is also a teaching, innovation, and experimentation centre – a living lab. Supported by the Consort E3 labs located above the clinical floors in a ground-breaking, one-of-a-kind facility that extends professional learning and development for professionals at every stage of their career, leading-edge veterinary science & research, extensive partnerships with academia, industry, and other stakeholders, bringing pragmatic ingenuity and innovative approaches to solving age-old problems.

    We have a varied and extensive set of talent and resources that enables us to work with other passionate researchers and pioneers and are developing new veterinary career pathways and opportunities for committed specialists to enhance their professional development by working with us, our diverse caseload, and state-of-the-art facilities. We will encourage new partnerships and collaborations, taking advantage of our relationship and joint mission with the Harper & Keele Vet School, Harper Adams, Keele and other universities and research bodies to further the field of veterinary science.

  • Company values

    Garden Vets at Keele are creating a new future for veterinary care services. We’re building a brand-new, state-of-the-art, independent primary care-led practice and teaching hospital; caring for clients and small animals via a subscription-based full-lifecycle healthcare service.

    Becoming a vet is far more than a job. It’s a calling and vocation. It’s borne out of a deep desire to care for animals and their families in pursuit of the best possible experience, joy, and quality of life. For most veterinary professionals this is a lifelong purpose established from a very young age.

    Working with Garden Vets is to make a conscious choice to change and improve for yourself, colleagues, the profession, and the communities we serve. You’ll be helping to change an entire profession and industry, part of the mission to create a positive legacy for people, pets, and the planet; building a sustainable future for generations of veterinary talent to come.

    If this sounds like the place you would want to work and the team, you’d like to co-create, we want to hear from you.

  • What makes your organization a great place to work?

    The Change We Bring – In Summary:

    • Accessible, positive, and inclusive culture, working practices, environment, and facilities.
    • Non-hierarchical operating structures to unlock new pathways for personal, professional and practice advancement.
    • Flexible, supportive, enlightened, and empathic working culture.
    • Employment terms, benefits and rewards that work for the many, not just the few.
    • Supporting, caring, and valuing our team
    • Improving veterinary access, care, experience and outcomes for our clients and patients
    • Working purposefully to create enjoyment and personal fulfilment within chosen roles and career pathways – for everyone.
  • Describe an ideal employee at your organization

    We seek passion, leadership, and contribution.

    Garden Vets at Keele is initially a small animal hospital; however, we’re also housing dedicated innovation, education, and research lab space to support learners at every stage of their careers. We use the latest clinical, operational, digital, and immersive technologies, and bring professional body and industry partnerships together for impact-based trials research, and development.

    Being co-located on the Keele University campus and science park and sharing the building with Keele & Harper Vet School we embrace partnership in every dimension – a new relationship with education, the profession, industry, and clients.

    An ideal employee at Garden Vets will embrace these ‘beyond clinical practice’ aspirations, grasp the opportunity for personal and community leadership and share our passion for a transformed profession.

    We’re seeking professionals motivated not only by what we’re trying to achieve at Garden Vets but also by what they can bring to the mission.

    Your core values will include:

    • a relentless passion to help animals live longer, happier, healthier lives through contextualised care.
    • delivering first-class outcomes for people and their pets, reducing animal suffering, and improving the well-being of all stakeholders.
    • contributing to research and veterinary knowledge (with access to world-class facilities and personalised support).
    • enabling educational outcomes for all veterinary learners
    • working collaboratively with colleagues the entire team and the partner landscape to improve the delivery of tasks, duties, and every role.
    • exploiting advanced technology and facilities available to optimise ways of working for yourself, colleagues, clients, and the patients we care for and support.
    • working with us to pioneer new veterinary work, pushing forward the future of the profession and revolutionising the veterinary industry.
    • connecting with and contributing to the university communities of Keele and Harper Adams (HKVS & beyond).
    • positively contributing to and helping to shape and build GVAK as a community in pursuit of our mission, purpose and values and making us the practice of choice for professionals, partners, and clients alike.
    • fostering relationships with our local, regional, and national communities.
  • Family-friendly initiatives at this workplace

    Garden Vets at Keele offer flexible working arrangements, job share opportunities and a package of care including access to Childcare, as support with Childcare costs.

  • Flexible work initiatives at the workplace

    Garden Vets at Keele are committed to providing a psychologically healthy, safe, constructive, innovative, viable and sustainable working environment for our teams. Our standard contract allows for an 80/20 allocation of time, where 80% of the contracted time is spent working in and on the clinical and teaching practice, whilst 20% is protected for personal, professional and practice development – ensuring development-as-a-purpose is foundational and fiercely protected. We will ensure there’s time and resources for reflection, recovery, development, family time, or whatever you need to be at your best in work and life.

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives you have

    We don’t have E, D&I initiatives at Garden Vets at Keele. Instead, access, equity, opportunity, diversity, and inclusion are embedded in the very heart of who we are and what we do. We’re multi-generational partners with the Universities and Vet School in the drive for widening participation in veterinary professions and hold ourselves open and accountable for always being at the forefront of communities and cultures which serve everyone.

  • Sustainability initiatives you have in the workplace

    Just like E, D&I, we aim to do better. We consider our impact on the natural world and the resources we consume in everything we do. From the built environment, reaching the very highest standards possible, to how we procure, consume, responsibly recycle, and regenerate, all forms of sustainability form the core of our practice and communities. Leaving no trace is a minimum objective – we aim to go further, do more and take a leadership role in regenerative veterinary science. Again, we hold ourselves accountable (and capable) of going so much further than tokenism or prioritising profit over the planet.
    The Garden Vets model for both employment and pet care, along with our digital tools to educate and support owners are all part of a package intended to start the process of improving the profession. By joining the Garden Vets community, you are changing the future of veterinary work. Together we can ensure that all animals in our charge are afforded exceptional care and do more to ensure that cost is removed from treatment decisions.

  • Structured career progression initiatives at the workplace

    We’re rejecting the hierarchical model of progression at Garden Vets. Instead, we’re opening much richer, more diverse, rewarding and ‘smarter’ pathways for personal, professional and practice development. From the design of non-hierarchical operating models, and task-based and situational leadership approaches, to the design of remuneration structures which recognise, reward, and motivate a much broader set of qualities and capabilities, ‘being promoted’ will become a thing of the past. Replaced by capability, contribution and leadership structures which are open, equitable, and constructive – which eradicate exclusion and injustice or characteristics bias in any form.

    Delegated accountability, authority and cross-team respectful practices will demonstrate new ways of operating, ways which serve the entire community.

  • Animal welfare policies and/or lowering barriers to care/spectrum of care initiatives

    Everything we’ve done, and everything we plan to do aim to remove barriers to the right levels of care. From our commercial and operating model to the partnerships and community standards and principles we hold sacred.

    We’re bringing the skills, resources, partnerships, and drive to eradicate veterinary inequity in all its forms, and it doesn’t stop at our practice. We’re already in partnership with the profession, professional bodies, international stakeholders, and influencers – doing whatever it takes to bring about the changes the profession needs.

Company Description

Garden Vets at Keele are bringing Petcare, Changed. Forever!

At long last, changes in Vetcare and Petcare are being brought to the market via our revolutionary new Primary Care, ECC and Referral teaching hospital, supported by a ground-breaking subscription service delivery model.

We aim to protect our people from known challenges in the industry and our clients and their pets from sudden, insurmountable healthcare costs and potentially heart-breaking economic decisions which should have no place in contextual healthcare provision.

The veterinary industry has a long-standing and deep-rooted tradition regarding the way it operates. Whilst legacy is important and tradition can inspire, there’s an increasingly urgent narrative in the profession about the scale of change required.

More than 70% of Vet Surgeons working in the UK are under the age of 40. This alarming attrition rate is unsustainable. Vets are leaving practice, or the profession entirely because of burnout, avoidable stressors, inflexible operating, and commercial models and simply being required to do more, for less, continuously and with no real solution or relief in sight. Burning out because of working hours, much of which is under or un-paid; burning out because of the continuous cycle of difficult conversations around affordable healthcare and economic euthanasia; burnout because of ever-increasing commercial pressures in practices; burning out because of loss of autonomy, loss of clinical authority and increasing barriers to practising good veterinary care.

At Garden Vets we’re changing this. By focusing on our most precious resources – the natural world, people, communities, and the built environment, we’re building an entirely new model for veterinary practice and our working culture. We are committed to not only saying we want to make it better but ensuring that the solutions to problems we all know exist are designed and deployed – making sure ‘better’ actually happens.

Partnering with the Harper and Keele Vet School, Keele and Harper Adams Universities and other faculty, we are in a close, multi-generational partnership in the development of the next generation of veterinary talent. Our Practice is engineered to serve teaching and learning at its very heart. The differentiated curriculum keeps excellence in practice at its core and addresses the non-clinical curriculum requirements that are so essential for Day One rounded graduates. How to manage empathy, stress, workload, and conflict as well as business skills, professional development, reflection, people practices & culture, performance, and well-being in an inherently stressful environment, and so much more.

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