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    Broughton Veterinary Group (BVG) have been providing veterinary care to our local community since the 1970’s. BVG was traditionally a mixed practice serving small animal and farm clients alike. Since April 2021, the farm work has been separated off into Cross Counties Farm Vets to allow dedicated small animal and farm departments. BVG has grown to a 4 branch practice with 3 small animal premises in Broughton Astley, Lutterworth and Leicester, Leicestershire. The farm team work predominantly from a 4th branch in Welford, Northamptonshire.

    We are a forward thinking business, always looking to develop and improve the practice. For example, Lutterworth branch is currently under major redevelopment, doubling its size to become the flagship branch of the company. This will allow us to better accommodate our growing client base and expanding team.

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  • Company values

    At the core of our value system is being comfortable that pets have received excellent care, appropriate to the situation and the wishes of the client. It is of utmost importance to us that all staff are happy when they walk into the practice, have a positive experience during their day and walk out of the building happy at the end of the day. Team spirit is strong at Broughton Veterinary Group and when a challenging day presents itself, everyone mucks in to get through together.

    We encourage collaboration. The management team are very approachable and listen to everyone, consider new ideas and make positive changes where possible. For example re-vamping the diary structure to ensure vets have adequate time for admin tasks as well as clinical work, so they can leave on time. We encourage a culture of respect, valuing harmony in relationships between staff members and kind communication techniques. There is a culture of support throughout and the management team ensure there is always someone to speak to.

    Showing appreciation for each other is important to us and something we try to practice and build on through training workshops. The Clinical Directors and Practice Manager are dedicated to Broughton Veterinary Group and all of the people who are so integral to the business. We want you to have a long healthy career with us. We will support you.

  • What makes your organization a great place to work?

    Teamwork makes Broughton Veterinary Group a great place to work. Under pressure, everyone pulls together and when the pressure is off we take a moment to catch-up, laugh and build bonds.

    We have very nice and respectful clients on the whole who provide very complimentary feedback. Many clients are open to further investigations and a good proportion insured and able to fund in depth workups and treatment plans.

    We have friendly referral centres not far away and good relationships with them for advice any time. Visiting specialists for ultrasound, cardiology and orthopaedic surgery reduce the need for external referrals where possible.

    Our small animal out of hours service is provided by another Vet Partners branch, meaning our employees can get the down time they need in the evenings and weekends with no on-call.

    Updating the physical practice buildings ensures colleagues will be comfortable in and proud of their place of work. The management team work tirelessly to try to improve the structure of the day to ensure the work fits into the available hours. There is flexibility to control your working day for example with booking ops onto your ops days. We have 20 minute consults as standard and offer flexibility should longer be required.

    Flexible working is considered and generally supported. We are committed to Wednesday morning meetings for collaboration, news, updates, feedback and CPD.

    The branches are conveniently located to access cities and rural areas very quickly. Access to the rest of the country is made easy by the close proximity of the M1. Outside of work the team meet for pub meals, mud runs, BBQs and the annual Christmas party.

  • Describe an ideal employee at your organization

    Our ideal employee would be a small animal veterinary surgeon with some experience, looking to fit into a family-feel practice. They should like people, practicing excellent communication and enjoying interacting with clients and staff. A passion for excellent client and pet care is essential with an understanding that each case is different and diagnostics and treatment plans must be tailored to what works for that patient, with that client, on that day.

    We would love to employ a Certificate holder to further broaden the depth and quality of services we can offer our clients.

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Company Description

The mission statement of Broughton Veterinary Group is to be the practice of choice in the local area for owners of companion animals. We aim to offer outstanding veterinary care for our patients. We tailor each treatment program and diagnostic workup to suit the individual client in order to provide context specific care. Our clients should go home feeling satisfied and cared for.

Investment in refurbishing all of our branches and completely re-developing Lutterworth is important to the expansion and modernisation of the business. We try to develop the business in an efficient, sustainable and profitable way. The long-term goals of the business, now Lutterworth has been redeveloped, would be to expand further, possibly including a CT Scanner.

The main aim of Broughton Veterinary Group is to be a GREAT PLACE TO WORK! We would like all of our employees to find working at BVG rewarding and sustainable. When employees enjoy their working day, there is a brilliant atmosphere in the practice.


Team Members (6)

  • Dr Alex Rowley

    Clinical Director

  • Dr Rachel Heygate

    Clinical Director

  • Dr Jessica Swiestowska

    Clinical Director

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