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  • Company overview

    The Veterinary Business Consultancy was founded by vet Adrian Pratt in 2016. Based in the South-West of England, but with national reach and clientele.

    It’s a small, well connected consultancy with the veterinary profession at it’s heart. With over 20 years of experience within the vet world, the consultancy can offer all round expertise for clinical vets and practices and for companies operating in or wishing to enter the veterinary marketplace too. Our offering is creative, trusted and professional. We’re dedicated to helping your business make a difference to animal health and welfare. After all, good medicine equals good business too!

  • Company values

    A previous employer once said, “I don’t need a vet who works in business, I need a business person who happens to be a vet”. That’s where the VBC is today.  The consultancy services offered by the VBC can help fulfill this role for your business with added vet insights. If the VBC can’t meet your need, our extensive network will most certainly be able to find a business partner for you.

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    Because the coffee is Cornish roasted

Company Description

Welcome to the Veterinary Business Consultancy. We’re here to help vets and vet businesses solve some of the problems that veterinary clinics often suffer from. The VBC is run by a veterinarian and offers business consultancy across the UK and Ireland.

Starting with two main beliefs; that Good Medicine equals Good Business and that the power of a vet business is the ability to develop their people, the VBC exists to bring the vision of “redefining what being a vet means” to life.

Veterinary businesses can thrive, bringing the right products and services to market, serving the animal owning public and improving animal welfare. Being a great veterinary business means you can do this all, whilst improving the health and wellbeing of your veterinary team.

So, how does the VBC help you grow your business and develop your team?

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