Bowbridge Veterinary Group

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  • Company overview

    Organisation Background

    We’re a small animal practice with 7 vets and 2 branches. The practice started out of the back of a caravan in the 60’s!

    “It’s still independent but now has purpose-built premises with ultrasound, digital x-ray, orthopaedic stuff, endoscopes, and more. Most staff were here when I did work experience as a teenager (20+ years ago) with many changing to part-time as family lives have dictated. It’s always been an easy-going and welcoming place and I’ve enjoyed coming back.” – Phil Birch

    We spend so many years working towards the goal of becoming a vet that we expect it to be an all-fulfilling life vocation when we get there. We lose sight that vaccinating really won’t feel like saving the world. However, if you find a balance of other things such as interests outside of work they tend to complement each other.

    You’ll be motivated to leave work on time, it won’t feel like it’s taking over your life and conversely, you’ll appreciate that being a vet is genuinely interesting and meaningful. At least I think that’s why I still enjoy being a Vet and when I think about why people seem to stay at this practice. It’s because they work reasonable hours, their work isn’t scrutinised and they’re free to pursue their interests. Although I’m now probably about to be told otherwise when they read this! 🙂

    Organisation aims and mission

    • We want to remain an easygoing and welcoming practice. One where people don’t feel pressure at work and aren’t scrutinized.
    • We hope to continue employing self-motivated people who are responsible and conscientious enough to take advantage of this freedom.
    • We want employees to pursue their own interests whether inside or outside of work.
    • We want to be honest and realistic with clients about what options exist for their pet’s treatment. Those that will have a meaningful benefit to their pet’s wellbeing and those which they can realistically afford without being made to feel guilty or pressured into treatments they cannot.
  • Company values

    There’s more to life than just being a vet! Everyone here has hobbies and interests outside work such as family, house renovations, sports, pets etc. We’re not at work too much, so we get time to pursue those interests.

    Conversely, we then don’t mind (I actually enjoy it!) coming into work. In fact, when work isn’t taking over your life you can appreciate what makes being a vet an interesting and fulfilling career. Those things are often subtle and difficult to recognise when we’ve become used to measuring our achievements in exam results or finish line times.

    Quirky clients, amusing colleagues and just enough novel cases not to be stressful and makes work enjoyable.

  • What makes your organization a great place to work?

    Lots of freedom and understanding. If you have an evening running race then swap things around so you can get there on time, if it’s the children’s nativity then book yourself out for a few hours. Just be fair and don’t leave other people working harder.

    We don’t work too hard. When we’re at work it’s busy but things get done by lunchtime and home time so you get lunch and get to leave on time. We do an average 33-hour week, 3.5 days for 2 weeks then 4.5 days for the rest. The short weeks finish on a Friday lunchtime!

    The practice is in a great part of the world. Stroud was voted The Times best place to live in the UK with a mix of both rural and urban spaces and some funky bohemian undertones. The practice is next to a canal that besides being good for lunchtime walks and runs are used as a personal waterpark by some staff in the summer with an ever-expanding list of inflatables.

    Staff waterpark on the canal!

  • Describe an ideal employee at your organization
    • Conscientious
    • Pro-active
    • Enjoys a good practical joke.
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