Merimbula Vet Clinic

  • Sectors Small Animal
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  • Flexible work environment YES
  • Support for global candidates/visas YES
  • Remote/work from home NO
  • Benefits YES
  • Company overview

    Organisational background

    Family owned for over ten years, the clinic has been established for more than 25 years in the area and has become a well renowned clinic with a great reputation.

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    Organisation aims & mission

    To provide the best veterinary care in an empathetic and caring way to ensure the best outcomes for the patients and clients.

    To create a veterinary practice whose staff collectively act as the guardians of animal care through compassion, client education and an excellent level of skills and knowledge of veterinary medicine, surgery, and nursing.

  • Company values

    Caring – We ring every surgery and medical case back after treatment to ensure they are going well.

    Empathy – We work with the client to ensure that we can understand the needs of both the patient and their owner.

    Professionalism – We constantly update to ensure patients are getting the latest knowledge and skills.

  • What makes your organization a great place to work?

    How often do you see a practice outside a major city that has “A” class standards in animal surgery, medicine and care, while also being in an area that provides a ‘holiday-like’ living experience?

    Our practice offers the best of both worlds.

    We have the equipment and expertise to perform the medicine and surgery that many other practices will refer to specialists. We have a beautiful clientele who appreciates our work and want their animals to be given the best standards of care. We live amongst people who are community and environmentally focused – our region draws people who find their solace in living close to nature.

    All of our team members are like family to us and we encourage and support each other to grow and learn in the profession. We love to engage in many different activities outside of work and to have fun and relax in our spare time.

    Oh, and also:

    • Our staff have a great sense of humour and enjoy coming to work.
    • The company has standard business hours so we are not home late and can enjoy this amazing area.
    • We provide one on one mentorship for new graduates to enable them to advance their knowledge and gain new skills.
    • For those vets with more experience, we also have senior vets on hand to assist in their further training and career development.
  • Describe an ideal employee at your organization

    We are looking for a caring, fun loving person who has great communication skills and is willing to give new things a try.

    Our perfect candidate would be someone who is happy to work both in a team or solo and be supportive of their colleagues.

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