Vets4Pets Ayr & Irvine

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  • Company overview

    Organisational background

    We opened our practice in 2017 and have since built a positive reputation in our local community. We have a combined team of 30 colleagues who have a great working relationship, we support and develop each other by always sharing our experience and skills. We understand how important communication is and regularly make time for coffee chats, clinical catch ups and practice meetings. We always ask our colleagues to get involved and welcome all feedback and ideas; we believe in teamwork!

    Organisation aims & mission

    Our aim is to create a supportive, honest and caring working environment for our colleagues whilst delivering excellent patient care and first class client service. This aim sounds simple but we know it involves so much more than words, our team are our number one focus – we know if we get this right, we will get the rest right. We also know as leaders we need to adapt quickly and be able to welcome change and we embrace this, we always seek the opinion of our team when making decisions and put their wellbeing at the forefront of such decisions.

  • Company values
    • We care for and support each other inside and outside of work.
    • We have fun and like to laugh ……. A lot.
    • We communicate regularly and openly, sharing our thoughts, experiences and opinions.
    • We do the best we can in the situation we are in, with the tools we have available.
    • We reflect and let go of difficult situations. We never blame – we have each other’s back.
    • We treat each other how we would like to be treated, with compassion, understanding and respect.
    • We are a team who strive to deliver clinical excellence alongside creating the best possible client experience.
    • We live these values daily and this is reflected in many ways, we love a night out and treat the team regularly by taking them to events such as the races.
    • We also understand the importance of work life balance so we tailor our rotas to each individual, we also always give time back for that missed lunch or 6pm walk in.
    • We regularly communicate through meetings and individual coffee catch ups, we appreciate how important it is to take time out and reflect.
  • What makes your organization a great place to work?

    Our team and our focus on wellbeing and work life balance, our team are always at the forefront of our decision making and their happiness is key. We know a happy, settled and appreciated team make for a positive working environment.

  • Describe an ideal employee at your organization

    The ideal employee for us HAS to be the right fit for our team, we know how important morale is and the consequences of bringing the ‘wrong person’ in. You will be a good team player, work well under pressure and be kind and considerate with your colleagues. We ask that you are passionate about the Veterinary industry and are keen to develop your skills. You absolutely must be caring and compassionate, love to have fun be keen to get involved and join us after work to socialise and build on working relationships.

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