Rutland House Veterinary Hospital

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  • Company overview

    Organisational background

    Based in St.Helens, Merseyside, we are one of the oldest veterinary hospitals in the UK -founded 61 years ago. The practice has grown into a multi-site, hub-and-spoke set-up with six branches and the central hospital, which does referral and first opinion work.

    We joined VetPartners in 2016. We are proud to run our own OOH service to look after our patients all year round.

    We are lucky to have all of the equipment associated with a modern hospital, including:

    • 1.5T MRI and 64-slice CT scanner
    • digital radiography
    • ultrasound
    • flexible/rigid scopes and laparoscopic equipment
    • fluoroscopy

    Our first opinion teams enjoy a close working relationship with all of the referral departments in the hospital (Ortho/Soft tissue/Derm/Cardio/Medicine/Exotics) which allows their knowledge to grow and presents a unique learning opportunity.

    Organisation aims & mission

    Our primary goal at Rutland House is to promote the health and well being of our clients’ pets by treating them like one of our own pets.

    We believe in providing the highest quality of care and will do this by developing a close relationship with our clients and patients. We will use education and preventative medicine to reduce illness. Our excellent facilities, nursing staff and experienced veterinary surgeons will allow us to look after pets in the best possible way, in a safe and caring environment.

    “Your Pet – Our Pet.”

  • Company values

    Respectful, supportive, committed and approachable.

    Do your best as an individual and team.

  • What makes your organization a great place to work?
    • Family feel/bond, teamwork.
    • The skill and knowledge of the clinical staff, and the care provided by the ACAs.
    • A varied caseload and mixture of intensive inpatient cases allow natural growth/clinical progression/experience to be attained.
    • Awareness of mindfulness/wellness, as well as ensuring that HALT opportunities are provided.
    • Willingness to trial new ideas/suggestions, and listen and implement change as a group from the general consensus. We try to avoid dictatorship. Everyone adds value to the work we do, the service we provide our clients and the care we give to their pets.
  • Describe an ideal employee at your organization
    • Willingness to learn and make the most of the opportunity presented.
    • Someone who knows their existing boundaries but has the drive to push them/move them with the right support in place from our highly experienced teams.
    • Passion and drive.
    • Easy-going, ability to adapt to changing workloads.
    • Caring and self-aware.
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