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  • Company overview

    Organisational background

    We were opened in 2017 as a one-vet practice by JVP Emma Hall (Advanced Practitioner in Surgery). We have since grown to become a team of 17, including 3.5 FTE vets, as well as client care advisors, VCAs, student nurses and RVNs.

    We place a strong emphasis on advanced surgery, including laparoscopy.

    It is important to us to provide a comprehensive service to clients, which means being open in the evenings and at weekends.

    We are an RVN Training practice, an RCVS GP-accredited and a Cat-Friendly Clinic (Silver).

    All of us have hobbies outside of work and many of us bake. Once a month we have vet meetings, often in the pub – trying out a different location each time!

    Whilst coming under the “corporate” heading, we are individually owned and run, meaning we can curate our own ways of working.

    Organisation aims & mission

    To bring advanced level veterinary care to local first-opinion practice, making it accessible to all.

    We strive to be the best we can, whether with our patients (giving them the best care we can provide, and the love and attention they deserve) or with our colleagues (bringing positivity, respect and care to everyone and everything around us).

    To develop the team both professionally and personally – further qualifications/certificates are encouraged and paid for in all parts of the team.

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  • Company values
    • Positivity, caring for each other as well as the pets and clients.
    • Respecting people’s individuality and being genuine.
    • We apply the HALT! principles and the BVA’s Good Veterinary Workplace Code.
    • Our free time is treasured and work-life harmony is essential.
    • Listen to client feedback.
    • Communication between individuals – feel free to say things to make improvements but to bring it to the person who can make the difference.

  • What makes your organization a great place to work?
    • Opinions are listened to.
    • Everyone is valued, respected and appreciated.
    • Safe space where blame or shame are not tolerated.
    • We are not just seen as our job title.
    • Payday doughnuts!
    • Being open evenings and weekends means we see a more varied caseload, while still maintaining fair working hours and equality in the rota.
    • Great location – being inside a Pets At Home store has many perks, as does being in Chester city: very close to North Wales, Liverpool, Manchester and the Peak District, and very easy motorway access from the practice itself.


  • Describe an ideal employee at your organization
    • Someone with the same values but brings their own ideas and previous life experience to the team.
    • Someone who wants to create lasting client relationships.
    • Always willing to learn and open to new ideas and change and also keen to pass on their own skills/knowledge, welcomes feedback.
    • A love of all domestic pets of all shapes and sizes.
    • Someone who recognises when they need to ask for help.


  • Structured career progression initiatives at the workplace

    Our CPD budget is not a set amount per person. We look at the practice team as a whole and support learning and development in ways that promote the individuals as well as bringing a benefit to the practice. We are a Veterinary Nurse Training Practice and VetGDP practice, and have supported colleagues through further qualifications such as post graduate certificates and nurse diplomas/certificates, plus reception courses and Level 2 VCA qualifications.

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