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Blackwater Vets

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  • Company overview

    Organisational background

    Blackwater Vets is a proudly independent small animal veterinary practice located in the heart of the community on the beautiful island of West Mersea on the North Essex coast.

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    Organisation aims & mission

    Our mission is animal welfare and we are passionate about offering a high standard of first opinion veterinary care, alongside a commitment to consistently educating our clients on responsible pet ownership.

    Our expectation is that every client is offered gold standard veterinary care and we embrace informative consent. Our relationship with our clients is based on mutual respect and realistic expectations. We are proud to have developed a community of clients who share our values of kindness, respect and clear expectations.

  • Company values

    A supportive environment is key to our values and we recognise the importance of creating a psychologically healthy working environment.

    Working together as a team is our focus and we work with professional organisations to help us achieve this. We have regular meetings and create an environment where everyone is clear on their responsibilities but where we are always looking at ways to improve what we do.

    When we recruit new team members, we ensure they have the values and aspirations that will enable them to become valued and happy members of our team. A shared passion for personal and professional development and improved pet welfare through client communication is key.

    Work-life balance is also very important to us. We ensure that our day is planned to make sure that our staff members do leave on time and on the rare occasion where this isn’t possible any additional time worked is always paid. We are very proud that our team members feel valued and enjoy coming to work.

  • What makes your organization a great place to work?

    The team

    A truly supportive environment is something that is at the centre of our practice. We have created a truly wonderful team of people who are all passionate about what they do and where we work together and support each other.

    Our ethos

    Our relationship with our clients is somewhat unique. We are very supportive of rescue pets and believe every pet should have a home in the right environment. We have lots of information on our website to try and support dog owners in getting the correct advice and referring potential new owners for pre-purchase consultations.

    We will not euthanise a healthy animal unless it is on welfare grounds and there are absolutely no other options. Instead, we work with owners and rescue organisations to find animals a more suitable environment where they can live a happier life.

    The location

    We offer a great place to live and work.


  • Describe an ideal employee at your organization

    If you are ambitious for leadership there is the opportunity for partnership in the future. If your focus is a fulfilling career in an environment where we strive to offer excellent first opinion veterinary care and educate on responsible pet ownership, without the management responsibility then joining us is also an option for you.

    We are looking for team members with a willingness to engage in the ongoing development of the practice and a desire to be part of a truly dynamic and happy team.

    We also feel that we could support someone who has perhaps had a break from clinical work but is now ready to return to first opinion practice. We would also possibly discuss a rental agreement if you are someone who is looking to take on the full leadership responsibility of a lovely and well-established practice.

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