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  • Company overview

    Organisational background

    The practice opened in 2004 with just one vet (original JVP Jackie) and two VNs (one of whom, Andrea, still works at the practice today!)

    Amie joined as an assistant vet in 2010, becoming co-JVP in 2012. Since then the practice has steadily grown to six vets, six VNs, two VCAs and a six-strong front of house team.

    Jackie retired in 2020 and Amie has taken over the reins continuing to drive the practice forwards.

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    Organisation aims & mission

    Our mission is to provide quality, affordable and tailored care delivered in a friendly, honest and professional manner.

    We aim to be the vets that we ourselves would want to be a client of. We are justifiably proud of our outstanding local reputation and nearly all of our new clients join us via word of mouth. Our combined client satisfaction score across all platforms is 4.8/5 and our client retention rate is 92%.

    To us, being a successful practice is as much about looking after your team as well as looking after your clients. Our staff turnover rate is well below the national average and our latest colleague satisfaction score was 98%. Happy staff lead to a productive environment which ultimately leads to better patient care.

  • Company values

    We are proud to be part of Vets4Pets and the massive plusses that we feel being part of a large, well-run corporate brings. For us, it doesn’t have any negatives.

    The practice has a very warm atmosphere and feels very much like a laid back, family-run business. Our waiting room has a buzz to it: clients chat with each other and often know each other. The front of house team get up from the desk and go and chat with clients, fussing and cuddling the pets. Kisses and cuddles from the clinical team to the patients also come as standard!

    We run as a “democracy”. We have monthly practice meetings (normally with plenty of food) where, amongst the usual agenda headings, all colleagues are encouraged to add any items they wish to discuss and any major decisions are always put to the vote.

    We recognise hard work and celebrate success. Every quarter we run a colleague recognition award. The votes are counted up, the results are shared amongst the team and the winner(s) receive a small bonus in their next pay. To date, no one has won it twice!

    Watch our practice introduction.

  • What makes your organization a great place to work?

    Our clinic is busy – but in a good way.

    Not so busy that it’s unsustainable, just nicely busy so the days don’t drag and you feel like you’ve made a worthwhile difference when you go home at the end of your shift. Yes, we have the odd hectic day, but we also have the odd quiet day to make up for it. Contrary to popular belief, corporates are not just vaccination and neutering clinics. Our clinic gets more than its fair share of juicy surgeries, as well as weird and wonderful medical cases.

    We have 20-minute vet consults as standard for any new condition, blood tests, primary vaccination courses and medication reviews. We believe that to do a good job you need the time to do so. Simple follow-ups and boosters tend to get 10 minutes as most of the time we feel that is long enough but if when booking the owner mentions any concerns, then they get 20 mins too. Euthanasias are now allocated 30 minutes because who wants to feel rushed and have to rush a client at that time?

    Our rota is sustainable

    Full-time vets work four days a week with a full day off. This can be a rolling day off or a fixed day if you prefer. We have just reduced our Saturday rota to a 1:4 from a 1:3 as we believe that is a much more reasonable ask. We also factor long weekends off into the rota so you get the chance to have a decent break without having to use up your holiday allowance.

    We help each other out, every day

    Whilst case continuity is encouraged, for both our development as professionals and to improve the relationships we have with the clients and their pets, let’s face it there’s always that case that just doesn’t go to plan and you haven’t got the foggiest what to do next! At this point “ask the audience” and the other vets will gladly give the pet a once over if you want, grab textbooks, formularies, CPD notes, ask their own vet friends and help you come up with a plan.

    I know a lot of practices think their nurses and front of house team are amazing but ours really are a cut above the rest. Our nursing team have that knack for restraining an animal without actually restraining it. They just cuddle and reassure them and they just sit there whilst you do what you need to do. That’s not to say that they will let you get bitten or scratched. Absolutely not! They’ve got your back: they just will not scruff, pin or manhandle any animal when time and patience will achieve the same end goal.

    They are also super organised and know what you need before you need it. You’ll head out to prep with the animal you need to blood sample and your tubes and syringes/needles will be ready waiting. Your cannulas and comfy bed will be ready waiting for your PTS. If you’re really lucky your lab forms will get done too!

    The front of house team work unbelievably hard and do everything they can to make the vets’ lives easier. From the 8 am cuppa ready waiting in your room to phoning clients back and relaying messages for you to checking you’re OK and don’t need a hug after an upsetting PTS, they are fab and we love and respect them.

    Our location

    Leicestershire is the very centre of the UK, so you’re never very far from anywhere or anyone. The transport links are second to none with excellent road, train and bus connections. You can be in London in an hour on the train; Birmingham and Nottingham in less than an hour in the car. Several major international airports are within easy reach too, such as East Midlands, Birmingham and Luton.

    Leicester itself is a really compact city and the traffic is never that bad even at rush hour. You can get across the city at any time of day without too many issues. It’s a truly multicultural and diverse city. It’s really friendly and generally very safe. Accommodation to buy and rent is affordable and good value for money. Shopaholics will be more than satisfied with both the city centre shops and boutiques and out of town retail parks.

    There is a really good restaurant scene and we have loads of both chain and independent restaurants in the city and some great gastropubs in the surrounding villages. If high-end dining is your thing, we’ve even got a few Michelin starred restaurants nearby. There’s also a good range of pubs, cocktail bars and nightclubs which we like to explore from time to time!

    The city centre has some lovely parks but is surrounded by absolutely beautiful countryside which really surprises people who’ve never visited before – perfect for dog walking! And come to think of it, just about any outdoor pursuit!

    Culture-wise, in Leicester you’re spoilt for choice. We have renowned theatres, music venues, museums, loads of annual festivals and are home to top-flight sports teams such as Leicester Tigers RFU and Leicester City FC. So plenty to keep you, your family or friends occupied outside of work on your well-earned days off!


  • Describe an ideal employee at your organization

    Each pet comes with an owner; you have to like and be able to strike a rapport with people as well as with the animals!

    We’re a relatively small but warm and welcoming team and we genuinely get on with each other very well. Our new vet will be happy to become a key part of this team and slot in quickly.

    That said, we are all very down to earth. There are no egos here. Everyone mucks in and pulls together on those hectic days. Vets clean, receptionists help hold animals, nurses do anything and everything and hold the place together!

    It’s a demanding profession and some days leave you feeling a bit deflated. We deal with this and let off steam with our often slightly bizarre prep room conversations and WhatsApp group messages. Someone with a good sense of humour who isn’t easily offended and likes to have a laugh now and again is a must.

    Your level of experience and professional interests are not the most important thing to us: we want someone who shares our values and wants to help us keep doing what we’re doing. We have employed several new grads over the years and loved watching them grow and develop. Some remain with us today, others have spread their wings grateful for the nurturing start that we gave them.

    Equally, we have employed experienced vets and integrated the knowledge and experience they have brought with them updating our protocols where we can. After all, best practice is a combination of all the great ideas out there combined into one!

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