Uplands Way Vets

  • Sectors Equine , Small Animal
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  • Flexible work environment YES
  • Support for global candidates/visas YES
  • Remote/work from home NO
  • Benefits YES
  • Company overview

    Organisational background

    Uplands Way Vets in Norfolk has been a practice for over 100 years. It started as a one-man clinic dealing with large farm animals and the odd farm cat. It is now a small animal and ambulatory equine practice, with a main (modern and well equipped) hospital and one (recently refurbished) branch clinic in Attleborough.

    Organisation aims & mission

    Our aim is to be a great place to work for everyone. We want to embrace and support the independent spirit of each team member.

    We want to provide outstanding care to our patients and give our clients an excellent experience at our clinics.

    Our mission is to create a supportive, collaborative and fun working environment. We aim to extend our services to facilitate the goals of our colleagues.

  • Company values

    Respect & Collaboration

    We believe each member of the team contributes something valuable to our clinic. We discuss any suggestions from anyone within the team to improve.


    • Each team member receives regular one-to-one meetings with their team leader.
    • Our team includes Mental Health First Aiders.
    • We offer a Health Plan which includes benefits for many health therapies.
    • We focus on the importance of work/life balance.
    • A no-blame culture is in place. Mistakes are used as an opportunity for all of us to learn something.
    • We have an “Aggressive Client Policy” allowing us to sack clients who are behaving inappropriately.


    All line managers are approachable and interested to discuss any thoughts or concerns. All the team members treat their colleagues with respect. We foster a caring and supportive culture.


    We are all committed to our patients, our colleagues and our clients. Any changes within the clinic are always considered with these three groups considered.

  • What makes your organization a great place to work?
    • The supportive and relaxed atmosphere encourages the exchange of ideas.
    • It is a respectful and professional environment where our patients and their clients are treated well but not at the expense of the team’s health.
    • It is a place for learning and teaching others, with no blame or judgment.

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  • Describe an ideal employee at your organization
    • A real team player, with a good level of GP competence.
    • High customer service standards and good routine small animal surgical, emergency, and medical skills.
    • A real people person who is supportive to all their colleagues and communicates well. Relatable and positive.

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