Halian Veterinary Centre

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  • Flexible work environment Yes
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  • Company overview

    Organisational background

    Melanie started the practice in 2008 with a vision of practicing as we wanted to, with no pressure and no targets, and for clients to feel part of the practice family. It remains this way – a truly independent, local vets.

    Organisational aims & mission

    Our focus is to provide compassionate, personalised and fear free care for our patients and clients. Time – for the pet, client and for our staff is paramount.

  • Company values

    Time is a rare commodity and we think it’s important to be able to take all the time in the world if needed, to not rush a pet or a client. Each pet is treated as an individual, and we look at each patient holistically, addressing all aspects of their care. We work with the client to help them make the best decisions for their pet – and themselves.

    We are a small team by design – clients love the continuity of seeing the same two vets. We know our clients and pets well, often having been there from the very start of their pet ownership. The core team remain the same, although babies and diversification have been ringing the changes.

    We pride ourselves on a fear free environment. We do a lot of socialisation and desensitisation – there is nothing more rewarding than a watching a scared dog gradually learn to trust us. The scratches on the front door are from dogs trying to get in!

  • What makes your organization a great place to work?

    We are a happy team, helping each other, and making for a positive working environment. Well behaved dogs are welcome to come to work and chill in the office. Staff also benefit from a generous staff discount.

    We think work-time balance is vital, and the days are set up so you will get some down time. Emergencies and busy days do happen, but we try to build in space on each day to allow for this. We run by appointment only, and we are strict on having free slots each session for emergencies. Minimum 15 minute appointments are routine, and with Covid we’ve been running 30 minute appointments. You can book 30, 45 minutes or even an hour if you want for a particular case. You’ll have clinical freedom to follow your own cases from first visit through to diagnosis and treatment, supported by 3 experienced RVNs and a complement of equipment (digital X-ray, user-friendly ultrasound, in-house bloods etc). We also have an in house physio, brilliant for rehab and for arthritic pets.

    The practice itself is a converted 17th century inn (we have census records from the 1780’s), giving a less clinical feel as you enter. There’s a big car park, and even better a private garden to escape to on lunches (and nearby lakes to walk round if you feel like stretching your legs). We’re close enough to the bright lights – you can be on London’s Southbank in about 30 minutes on the train – but far enough out to have green fields and woodlands. There’s easy access to motorways for staycations, and both Heathrow and Stanstead are close by for when the skies open again.

    Previous staff and locums have said this is a lovely place to work and we have ‘ruined every other practice’ for one of them!!

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  • Describe an ideal employee at your organization

    Our ideal employee is a compassionate vet with some experience who is able to handle everything a GP practice can throw at you. We need someone who easily builds a rapport with the pet and client along the way, who has the patience to chat to the clients that need it, or to reassure a nervous dog who will settle, if given the chance.

    They’ll be confident to work sole charge, and also as part of a small team and be happy to help out with all aspects of practice life e.g. answering the phone if the nurses are busy, or making a cup of tea.

    Our Ideal vet will be able to go with the flow, slowing down or upping a gear as needed, and helping Melanie out a little with some tasks like insurance forms. Ultimately, we’d love to find someone who cares as much as we do about the practice and its clients, and who will help to take care of it as if it were their own.

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