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  • Flexible work environment Yes
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  • Company overview

    Organisational background

    Veteris is a young and independent veterinary start-up bringing a new approach to emergency and critical care in Greater London.

    Strong off our ECC and home practice experience in Geneva, Paris, and Brussels, we confidently moved to London through the fire of COVID-19 and Brexit and started providing emergency care to Londoner’s pets in the stress-free comfort of their homes. The first consultation was a suspected lily intoxication in a two-year-old cat on the 18th of November. The owners were delighted with the service and this was the stepping stone to the thousand to come.

    Feedback after feedback, from both owners and their regular veterinary surgeons, we started to build the mobile emergency practice we wanted, bringing the best of the ECC clinic to the pet’s doorstep.

    Since then, we have not stopped hustling and have gathered a community around Veteris, transitioning from a team of two veterinary surgeons handling phone triage and consultations both at the same time, to a dedicated team of five registered RVNs handling the phone triage, and four veterinary surgeons tackling down emergency consultations one by one.

    Our medical reports started to pique well-established and Independent practices’ interest. This naturally led them to trust us fully with their out-of-hours shifts and today we happily handle the phone triage and consultations for seven of them when they’re closed.


    Organisation aims & mission

    Veteris wants to become the first line emergency care provider in London, being the interface needed between stressed and panicking owners, closed regular practices and often overloaded ERs in high-end hospitals.

    Veteris’ mission statement is therefore simple and pet-centric: provide the fastest and most technical emergency care to the pet’s doorstep and make sure the whole team is genuinely happy to provide this exciting service.

    If our permanent obsession is the speed of reaction, this cannot be achieved without a great team of work-enthusiastic vet surgeons enjoying a new way of providing veterinary care and having the work-life balance they deserve.

    ECC work is hard enough and we want to do everything possible for any veterinary surgeon to enjoy it through six building blocks :

    • A massive sense of community. Nobody’s left alone. Someone is always a call, a text or a thought away to assist you.
    • A modern tech support. Vets are provided with the latest field proven embedded technologies to support the medical decision. You want a new toy ? Just ask.
    • Training and mentorship: Don’t feel comfortable dealing with this wound ? We come with you. Anytime.
    • A top income. You’re paid for the medicine you do. You work the way you want. We have recipes, but you’re free to be your own cook!
    • The best work-life balance you could dream of. You do your schedule. Yourself. We work around your wishes and your personal agenda.
    • A permanent sense of improvement, open discussion and self-questioning: you have the latest great idea to improve how we work? Speak up!

    Watch the video to get an idea of what a day in the life of a Veteris vet looks like: 

  • Company values

    Veteris is building a community of veterinary professionals whether it is RVNs or veterinary surgeons. The team spirit and the sense of community is our core DNA. Always present and ready to answer or help, Veteris’ team is open to new ideas, dialogues and personal growth. We like to exchange experiences and techniques learned along the way or while listening to an ECC podcast. We are pragmatic solution seekers and believe that medical truth is a result of a kind and mindful dialogue discussion. As we celebrate individualities, we do believe that great things are achieved through great team work: you can share thoughts about a case, request a video call to show a weird wound, send videos of your ultrasound for back-office reading – there is always someone watching.

    Open Mindedness is our perpetual effort. Whether you’re a young grad or a very experienced ECC wolf you have something to bring to the table and you have something to extract from working at Veteris. This particular work setting creates room for improvement and self awareness for every individual.

    In ECC, work-life balance is a central value. The best emergency cases are those we want to take on and can manage with a rested eye and lifted spirit. No overload, no burn-out, no mandatory crazy “work ‘till dawn” 7 days in a row. ECC is cool but hard enough, let’s enjoy it together. Therefore you build your calendar of wished working hours and we create every month your rota schedule to fit your wishes. You draft the plan, we execute it. Furthermore you’re the one setting the rule of your consultation. You don’t like rabbits? You prefer to pass on feral cats? So be it!

    Security and well-being let it be physical or psychological is also always important and is always present in our minds. Each veterinary surgeon receives security gloves, muzzles, Sileo gel, and our door is always open should you need to talk. Any allergies? Latex, rabbit etc. We adapt your gear and we avoid the allergens! We check on you after and before the consultation starts, and will be checking on you every 40 min during consultation if we don’t have any news.


  • What makes your organization a great place to work?

    Flexibility and Freedom

    You don’t jump into our requirements. Instead, you give yours and we adjust to you. Whether you need time for a side hustle (pg. Cert? Trying to be a movie star or to get published as a respected writer?), and want to work weekends only, or you’re a ECC workaholic wanting to be on the road every night, there is a place for you. Don’t be shy, we love diversity!

    What do you do between consultations?

    Well basically you just wait at home, you enjoy Netflix or a good book. You start from home and you go back home. If you fancy it, you can always come to our facility in North London to enjoy a cup of tea, refill your inventory or just relax. Veteris also offers great peace of mind to our team members. No time limit in consultation, no financial pressure.

    ECC Care

    You want some advice about a case? We are here to help. You want to do your thing because you like to work alone? Please do. As long as you provide your best care, we’re happy.

    Unhappy clients

    We handle them for you. No admin work, all is about providing your best ECC care. You are in the moment, a bubble of time with your patient. And when you’re done? Well, there is no overloaded waiting room at the end. Just another household to go to and help. In between, it’s all about peaceful driving, good music and podcasts.

  • Describe an ideal employee at your organization

    Veteris is looking for someone motivated, resourceful and energetic. A love for ECC, dry humour and a thorough knowledge of memes is a plus.

    You don’t know if this sort of work is for you? You can start with the minimal workload (8 shifts of 4h a month) and increase or leave when you know better if it’s a good fit for you.

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