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  • Company overview

    Organisational background

    VetCare@Home was established in 2016, our vision is to offer premium vet care at an affordable price in the home. Pets play a crucial role in the home- they’re part of the family, and that’s why our team is committed to providing an excellent quality healthcare service to all their customers and pets.

    We’ve found lots of benefits of visiting pets in the comfort of their own home, including:

    • A much less stressful treatment. There are no trembling dogs in the waiting room, cats forced into baskets or rabbits terrified by the animals around them.
    • Convenient for clients – with no need to look for a parking space.
    • Great for clients with no access to transport, or if getting out and about isn’t too easy.
    • No long waits for clients and pets in the waiting room.

    Our team has fast expanded since 2016, and we’re continuing to invest in our team, fleet and equipment throughout the business as we strive for the best patient care possible day in, day out.

    Organisational aims & mission

    Why put your pet through the stress of travelling to a practice – when they can be seen in their home?

    • We visit our clients in their homes, meaning no added stress from coming to a busy waiting room, or searching for a free parking space – for an altogether more peaceful and stress-free experience.
    • Our friendly team at VetCare@Home is dedicated to providing our fluffy friends with the best quality care possible. We’re a home-visiting mobile veterinary service that is unique in our approach.
    • Our clients’ pets are part of their families, and when we step foot in their doors, they become part of our VetCare@Home family – and that means the best possible treatment in the best place they can be, at home.
    • We treat each client like our first, with care, patience, commitment, and compassion. We work together as a team, and strive for success every day.
    • Our main aim when we pull on our VetCare@Home t-shirt is to go out and do our utmost for every client we see. Nothing is too much, and we go the extra mile on each visit and do our best to achieve the best possible outcome with each treatment or service we provide.


  • Company values

    Our core value as a company is something we fulfill in our work every day, and that’s “Treating Pets as Family”. Not only do we treat our pets as part of the clients family, but we also welcome them into the VetCare@Home family – and that ultimately means treating those pets as if they were your own, with love, compassion, and your utmost attention.

    Working alongside our passionate team has many other benefits that are a key part of our daily success and company values, including career development opportunities, flexible working – allowing you to enjoy a fantastic work/life balance, and the opportunity to work in our mobile veterinary surgery.

    Watch back our Interview the Boss with John:


  • What makes your organization a great place to work?

    Our team is passionate about animal care and we also look after our team, just as we look after our patients. This comes with great work/life benefits, flexible working roles, and brilliant workplace and career development opportunities available within every role.

    Each new member of our team will benefit from full workplace training, as well as a dedicated support bubble to make sure you fit in right away. Alongside this, you will also have the opportunity to work alongside industry-leading professionals in our state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind mobile veterinary surgery unit.

  • Describe an ideal employee at your organization

    An ideal VetCare@Home employee is a loving, caring, and compassionate individual, filled with passion and commitment in all aspects of Veterinary Care. Our perfect employee would be happy to work in a team and support their colleagues as and when it’s needed.

    Previous experience within Veterinary Care is preferred with excellent communications skills and the ability to deal with customers essential for our roles.

    At the core of our business, you will find the foundation, our team. Working together, we strive to provide the best possible care to our furry friends, and all that we ask is that you are as driven, inspiring, and dedicated as the rest of our incredible team.

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