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  • Company overview

    We are a telehealth company that helps alleviate the triage burden on practices by working alongside them collaboratively and are a global team of veterinary professionals using their veterinary skills flexibly to continue to support pet health and build a career that works around their life.

    Ben Sweeney is no stranger to VSGD shores; he is one of our founding members. A veterinary professional with huge entrepreneurial flare. In fact, with the support of channels such as VSGD he set up Simply Locums which he went on to sell and now there is a new baby in town – VidiVet.

    Vidivet is the brainchild of Ben and aims to alleviate pressure on vet practices by becoming an extension of your team.

    “I kept thinking how we could expedite access to veterinary expertise. But not just doing that alone, it had to fit with alleviating the pressure on people in clinical practice. And not just alleviating the pressure, but sending pet owners into those practices more informed and helping the practices to drive business growth too.” – Ben Sweeney

    Time is one of our most precious commodities and boy do practice teams need it back. VidiVet aims to give back time to veterinary clinical teams to have a break, breathe, focus, follow up. and finish on time.

    Reassurance is what we all seek when we are worried and pet owners can use us to do just that, helping them understand their pet problems, advise on basics. and ensure swift referral to their vet practice should signs be serious.

    Vidivet was built with insights from surveying over 10,000 pet owners and 2500 veterinary professionals.


    • 87% of pet owners sought advice online before calling their vets.
    • Owners wanted speed, neutrality and peace of mind when seeking support.
    • Owners didn’t want to cause unnecessary stress to their pet by going to the vets if they didn’t need to.
    • Many pet owners were aware of how stretched their vet teams were and how stressed it looked working there, so they often delayed trips to the vet or contacting them at all and went elsewhere for support as they didn’t want to add to the problem.

    Veterinary professionals

    • 73% of veterinary professionals saw 5+ consults a day that didn’t need to be seen physically.
    • 58% of veterinary professionals were late leaving work more than twice a week.
    • 82% of veterinary professionals were leaving late at least once a week.
    • Increase in seeing owners who have been to digital sources of information which resulted in more time spent in consults having to deconstruct often inappropriate information as well as lack of visibility of what had been said by digital veterinary services.

    So VidiVet was built in a nutshell to deliver advice and support to owners that could be as:

    • Easy as using Amazon.
    • Quick as using Google.
    • Reliable and credible as speaking to a real vet.

  • Company values
    • Transparency – all of our conversations are available to veterinary practices.
    • Positive disruption – we built solutions that owners want and veterinary professionals need based on their own insights.
    • Teamwork – we provide our service from a global team that cares. A team that loves to provide reassurance to owners and each other and to support their professional colleagues on the ground.
    • Accessible and available – to support pet owners and veterinary professionals in a way that is easy to use and embed in practice.
    • Collaborative – we believe in creating solutions alongside our profession and pet owners that create an amazing customer journey and make the vet teams look even more like the heroes they are.

    Watch back the fab talk from ethical tech hacker Jack Peploe and community discussion on how tech can support our businesses, teams and clients!

    Watch back Survey Says…. from surveying 10,000 pet owners and 2500 veterinary professionals:

  • Describe an ideal employee at your organization

    VidiVet loves to work with veterinary professionals who are still in clinical practice but looking to also work flexibly and use their veterinary passport to work around their life. This allows VidiVetters to fuse both their physical and digital veterinary skills.

    Communication skills are King and Queen when it comes to the Vidivet team. Are you great at building rapport? Comfortable in front of a camera and always looking to hone your delivery of concise and understandable advice and support? If so you may well be a fit.

    Our team is our strongest asset and being able to get along with our global squad of caring individuals from all walks of life is paramount. We love to support each other and don’t care much for CVs, we want to meet you and see if we are a fit for each other. Your clinical skills will be a given!

    Even in its infancy VIdiVet is also an employer of a good handful of VSGDers too and you can check out their career profiles here:

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