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  • Lacey Pitcher RVN

    Lacey Pitcher RVN

    Registered Veterinary Nurse, Consultant

    About Lacey

    Lacey is an Registered Veterinary Nurse who has enjoyed a varied and squiggly career holding positions throughout the UK in multiple sectors.

    Her career pivots and passion for championing the many ways vet nurses can use their passport has enabled her raise her voice for nurses as part of the British Veterinary Nursing Council. Amongst writing, lecturing and facilitating much needed conversations, Lacey loves helping nurses find their why again. Opening up opportunities and doors for your career and beyond.

    Lacey has lived experience as a neurodivergent veterinary professional and is a sought after lecturer and facilitator on actionable ways to increase inclusion and neurodivergent friendly workplaces.  

    Select speaking engagements are listed below:

    Time Zone/Location

    Uk/GMT/BST, Serving veterinary professionals and workplaces worldwide.

    Areas of Expertise

    Registered Veterinary Nursing (RVN) and Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) careers and career diversification, neurodiversity in the workplace, inclusive workplace,.


    “Lacey is a breath of fresh air within a challenging industry. Through her years of experience and breadth of knowledge, Lacey helped me develop a constructive way to build my niche within an industry that can be very set in its way. Through pointing me to various contacts and resources, and providing empowerment and inspiration by the bucketload, she helped me obtain a role I never thought I’d be able to achieve. In short, she’s a fantastic cheerleader. Both for her mentees, and anyone else in the industry who hasn’t quite found their confidence yet to reach out. Don’t worry, she will find you!

    Samantha Lympany-Tier

    RVN/RVT Career Power Up Sessions

    45 minute targeted Session

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