Vet Nurse PowerUps

RVNs and RVTs: Get an effective power hour session with a qualified professional, set your direction and trouble shoot issues.

What is a Vet Nurse PowerUp?

Are you looking for an affordable, effective way to get some career advice and resources?  

Are you unsure of your next step?

Do you have an idea for a side hustle, new career path, or way to support the vet industry, but you’re not sure where to start?  

Vet Nurse PowerUps are designed for you, delivered by vet nurses! These sessions are 1-on-1, last 45 minutes to an hour with an experienced veterinary nurse (RVN) with a wide breadth of experience across multiple fields in the veterinary world.

You’ll leave your Vet Nurse PowerUp with more clarity, more tools and resources, and direction to pursue your next career move.  AND, you’ll get a follow up email with resources and personalized recommendations.

How it works

  1. Choose your RVN/RVT to PowerUp with (click a photo/description below)
  2. Choose a time that works for you with our simple booking system.
  3. Pay at time of booking.

That’s it! 

You’ll get a pre-session email and resources, and info sent right to your inbox about what to expect and how to sign in to your virtual session. We’ll send you reminders and a calendar invite too.

The investment

1 hour PowerUp Session


+ VAT for UK residents. Pay in your own currency at checkout

Choose your Vet Nurse to PowerUp with!

Lacey Pitcher RVN

RVN and neurodiversity consultant with experience supporting career diversification for registered veterinary nurses and technicians and supporting employers in developing inclusive workplaces. Sought after speaker on neurodiversity in the veterinary sector.

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As a mom, professional, and CEO, I’ve felt like I was on the edge of managing way too much many times.  Life can be overwhelming, and I know I’m not alone. At those times, I’ve made changes.  Big ones. 

Changed jobs.  Got help.  Been blunt.

If this has ever been you, or if you’re at that breaking point where you feel stuck and unable to continue,  riding a wobbly bicycle on the edge of “this is way too much”…. Stop your scroll.  

Come back to me.  

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