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Why Choose VSGD Speakers & Facilitators?

We’ve been honoured to speak all over the world about career and business topics, and created conferences and events for incredible companies within and outside vet med.

Services we provide:

  • Speaking
  • Design and delivery of workshops and conferences
  • Facilitation and hosting of live events
  • Customized conferences and live event series
  • Event marketing and PR
  • Charitable event design and execution


We work with you to customize an experience that will match your audience’s style, dynamics, and interests.

Ask us about the wildest places we’ve facilitated or spoken- you’ll get answers ranging from a fishing lodge in Northern Canada to conference facilitation of 5 simultaneous virtual streams in 3 time zones.

Some of our recent engagements

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As part of our charitable commitment to the veterinary community, we do offer some pro-bono speaking each quarter.

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